Friday, March 7, 2008

American Idol Top 12!

I gotta say..The women didnt impress me this week..That is mostly the reason you dont see a post about the women..That and the fact that since I have been on the recovery track after being sick, I just didnt have time to write something up.. haha..My standout was Carly from Ireland..She always stands out to me though..And not just because she has a hitious tatoo..I wish she could take it back because it is very distracting when she is singing..She needs to cover it up..She is VERY BEAUTIFUL..Especially when she has her hair done and make up fixed..ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and marketable..But that unsightly tatoo..UUGGHH..I guess thats what happens when you are married to a man that owns a tatoo shop..I have just never been one for tatoo's PERIOD.. Especially on women.. Just my opinion here..I just dont see the point in using your body as a canvas..But VOCALLY this chick has got it going on and has it to make it BIG..She can hit every note that Celine Dion can hit..I wish she would have a little more confidence and not cut off notes and instead, HOLD them when she hits them.. She will learn..

Other standouts were because they were HORRIBLE..Tyler, my middle son said I dont know what horrible is..I said "Tyler, YOU are HORRIBLE at singing..A great MUSICIAN but you couldnt sing to save your life" He cant..Tyler is so bad that they could make an entire show on American Idol about him.. HE could be the one they show that THINKS they sing great and it is BAD..Im not kidding.. One day, I will try to catch him singing and put it on here.. Beleive me, you will never be the same again.. :) The "horrible" performances IMO were from Kady Malloy ( what exactly was she singing?) and that other chick that looks like her that sang JOURNEY'S FAITHFULLY.. I think her perfoemance was OK.. but she could have done SO MUCH MORE with the ending..I am sure Randy was thinking the same..

Anyway, enough of my rants..I think the top 12 is good..Has a good range of different types of music, which makes for fun watching..I just hope Amanda Overmeyer learns some new dance moves ASAP.. She does the same move.. She reminds me of Elvis.. HAHA I quite like her for some reason but I think she would have kicked butt on ROCK STAR instead..She has a future, Im sure..Im a little sad that Danny Noriega didnt make it, but not surprised..I loved how he and Ramiele hit it off.. That poor girl was DEVASTATED last night when they said he was going home.. I got one more issue..Asia'h Epperson should have stayed.. She sounded PERFECT in her last song.. She hit every note and looked so adorable.. She has grace and poise and was such a lady..I know she will go far too.. She has one heck of a voice, different..But different is what makes it in the music business!

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