Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American Idol Boys Night!

I will say this : David Archuleta is AMAZING! I will also say this: Danny Noriega: Is he a boy or a girl? I am confused! He looks like he could be Jessica Alba's long lost brother or sister? Very weird! He can be really good when he wants to..But sometimes hes just plain ol weird! He can work the cat walk like Tyra Banks and he can sing but he just weirds me out!

Back to David..He is awesome! He did a great job with the Phil Collins song "Another Day In Paradise"..I think he made it hiw own.. Lets face it.. I am a fan of his!!

Luke Menard..Oh Luke, looks like its the end of the road.. You are lucky to have made it this far in the competition..Your sound is just NOT THERE..Too high and not in the right places.. When you sing, you make me NERVOUS and not in a good way.. SERIOUSLY..

Poor David Hernandez.. He did a great job with the Celine Dion/Meatloaf song" Its All Coming Back To Me Now" but that doesnt compare to the rumors all over the internet about his past of being a male stripper in a gay bar..I REALLY like this guy.. My hubby and I both agree he never gets the props he deserves..He has an amazing voice..He has an "Elliot Yamin" vibe when he sings..He doesnt have the ummphh that Elliot had though..

David Cook did an amazing job with Lionel Richie's "Hello".. I liked how Randy told him he did an "emo" version of it.. haha..Im not so sure about the EMO part but it was great, nonetheless..He sure knows how to look just right in the camera, just like Constantine.. He also has a Chris Daughtry vibe to him when he sings too..And as you know, I am ALL ABOUT some Chris Daughtry! Im a fan of him, too! David Cook too.. haha

Aussie singer Michael Johns did a great rendition of Simple Minds "Dont You Forget About Me".. I felt like I was back in 1985! He sounded great..I dont know if everyone caught this but Randy made a comment about how he sounded like Michael Hutchence, as in he sounded just like he sounded when INXS recorded that song.. It wasnt INXS, it was Simple Minds!!!! I am sure it was a mistake.. lol Beleive me, I was the major INXS fan! Also a MAJOR Michael Johns fan!

Jason Castro did a good rendition of "Hallelujah", a different song choice.. This oy is not the typical singer, though..He has the dreads to prove it.. He is very pretty to look at..

Lastly, Chikezie? Thats all I gotta say.. Ok.. Ill give him some props.. Boy can sing when he has to hit the notes..But he picked a WHITNEY HOUSTON song.. GOOOOD LAAWWWD!

I think the two that will go SHOULD be Luke Menard and Chikezie..But I think possibly Chikezie will stay and Danny Noriega will stay..Who knows.. I guess we will find out Thursday night!


HEWY said...

I don't even watch idol now. I can get all the good stuff by reading blogs :)

Leigh said...

Agree on most, exception of Noriaga. I thought he sounded horrible tonight. David Cook rawked it! HEllo?!!!!

Lisa said...

Yeah, we don't like David Cook, either. I think his hair is thinning and he's trying to hide it. Noriega can go, and Luke is gone, too. YEP, you know David Archuleta won Star Search years ago. He's my fav -I love his voice and man can he sing. And you know I love that dark hair!

Michelle said...

Hewy- You gotta start watching them when they get to the TOP 10 atleast.. These guys this year are awesome!

Leigh- I didnt care too much for Noriega but I think his rendition couldve worked.. Hes just a little too GAY for me.. Cute and Id love to have him as a friend but not as an AMERICAN IDOL!

Lisa- I liked David Cook.. I am a FAN!! haha I think our fav is Archuleta too.. Hes a fo sho!And yeah, hes YOUR TYPE.. haha Think about it.. David Cook is the type I liked back in the day.. Blonde.. Bad boy look.. haha