Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I need a V8!

Or atleast a clunk on the head.. I swear! From being sick and all my head is STILL full of yuck and I feel very OUT THERE.. Well, here is a NEW one for the week.. While I was still in my drugged up state of sickness this weekend, we noticed that someone had put some UNAUTHORIZED charges on the bank card..Two charges for $14.95 showed up from places called "shopping essentials" and another from "vistarewards"..This is all too common because we are all dealing with things on the internet and buying things over the internet..I had NO IDEA where these charges had come from.. the only thing that looked remotely familiar was the Vista thing because I got the business cards from Vista Printing.. People.. BE VERY CAREFUL.. This place took my number and ENROLLED me in some kind of "membership".. Tried to say that I approved it by opening some email or something.. WHATEVER.. I didnt enroll in ANYTHING..

Anyway, our bank took the charges off and cancelled the card they were made on..They are sending me a new one in the next 3-5 days.. This is where this becomes almost hilarious.. In a a sick way ( which I still am, BTW) I made sure that they were going to leave my husbands card active..They said it would be left active.. I immediately ripped my card up and threw it away..This morning, we stopped to get gas because car was on E and my hubby said it wouldnt take his card.. He went inside and they said it was inactive..UUGGHHHHHHHHHHHH.. So he called our bank and SURE ENOUGH.. HIS CARD was the one that was cancelled.. Mind you, I had JUST TORN my card up and threw it away.. This is like a friggin nightmare! In a funny not laugh out loud kind of way..So there we are.. ON EMPTY and no card and of course this stupid red neck of a quick mart ( not in Helena, mind you, we were in another part of town) wouldnt take a check.. Come to find out, I was ALSO on my last check.. Hello? Is it raining yet? Luckily, we COASTED into our lovely town of Helena that took my very last check in my checkbook for gas..Now.. I needed coffee.. Thank goodness I keep change! haha

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