Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Im such a SLACKER!!

I have been so busy with baseball and the store and kids that I havent even been reading , much less, blogging! I feel like such a slacker.. For all I know, all my blogging friends have moved on and are reading other blogs because I am such a slacker.. You can read about "Oprahs Big Give" show just so many times.. haha

This week is spring break and for some reason, I have been busier than usual.. Weird.. I guess because I put off EVERYTHING until now.. Well, atleast we cleaned out the garage and I got caught up on laundry..Of course, we all know that wont last.. haha..Business has been SUPER SLOW the past 2 weeks.. I guess everyone is getting their taxes done or are getting ready for vacation time and dont have time to go shopping..

Hubby starting putting things on Ebay that might not sell in our store.. Hes had alot of fun with that.. Sadly, our laptop AC cord died and so we cannot use the laptop at home , until we buy another one.. Stupid IBM! Anyway..All his Ebay time is done at the store.. We have sold a few things, so I guess its a good thing!

Whit is in Gulf Shores for a baseball tournament..He was so funny..He hasnt been to the beach since like 2003..He makes sure we know that too.. Poor Whit.. wah wah wah.. HAHA He called us the other day and said it was all one big tease because since they are playing in a baseball tournament, they cannot go to the beach before their games.. Sometimes, they dont have games until like 4 or 5 pm.. haha.. I told him that he wouldnt get much beach time.. Stinks for him because they are staying in a condo ON THE BEACH.. So close, yet so far away!!! He gets to stay with a friend there for a couple of extra days, so I know he will be happy.. :)

I will try to get Tyler playing the bass later.. :)

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