Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Look, Green Eyes Count!

My little smart aleck of a middle son, Tyler, came up to me on St Patricks day and said " Oh look mom, you're not wearing green" and then attempts to rare back and pinch me.. I jumped back before he could get the pinch in.. That child.. I am sure he was trying to make good on some vengeance he had for a grounding of some sort.. You know kids LIVE for these days.. I looked at him and exclaimed , as I have for years, " I have GREEN EYES! I dont need to wear green, stupid!" hehe.. He looked at me like I was some sort of loser-slacker ( well, I HAVE been slacking for a while, I guess but SHHHH ) and told me NO.. I said it again.. " I have GREEN EYES! Green eyes count!" Hehe.. He backed off.. He knew Id ground him if he didnt.. haha :)

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