Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Do I Put Myself Through This!

Why do they have to show Big Brother After Dark so LATE? LOL Geez.. I hit a brick wall this morning! I am so tired! It is difficult for me to make myself go to sleep before 10:30 at night ANYWAY.. Now, I feel obligated to at least stay awake until 11, so I can catch the Big Brother scrolling updates..Then, of course, I end up staying awake until 11:20 or so trying to figure out whats going on.. Sad, I know..I think this could be classified as either an emotional disorder or a mental sickness? Either one, it doesnt matter.. Im still gonna watch it and Im still gonna be tired.. lol Ill catch up on my sleep on the weekends, I guess! :)

This is what I have gathered so far about Big Brother: I LOVE Renny( from New Orleans) and Libra( Obama supporter and mother of 3).. Maybe because they are so honest.. I love it, nonetheless! I love watching Jerry( the 75 year old man)because he is so honest and forthright..I love how he calls em like he sees em..The games have already begun and there is one guy that is coming out a tad bit too hot.. His name is Brian and I swear he thinks he is the next Dr. Will.. I call him the "Dr. Will Wannabe".. Hes a wannabe because he ISNT Dr. Will.. If you recall, Dr. Will was one of the GREATEST players of the Big Brother Game.. He was very suave, good looking, smart and SNEAKY.. He could turn a mother against her own child and make her feel good about it, like she was doing the country a favor.. Hes THAT GOOD..

Thing of it is, Dr. Will started out S-L-O-W-L-Y..He didnt make any major obvious moves until later.. He formed a secret alliance early on and didnt start playing all ends to the middle until ATLEAST the 3rd week..Poor Brian..He outsmarted himself into being put up for eviction..I think he celebrated way too soon..He was telling everyone that Jerry was basically his puppet..And that he could guarantee people in the house "safety" if they voted HIS WAY...Im not sure what planet Brian is from, but from where I come from, you dont ADVERTISE things like that to people..You might tell ONE person that, but not the whole house.. Geez..

I know my mother is reading this and saying " Geez, Michelle, you have too much time on your hands" LOL


Anonymous said...

I luv all your family pics on the right side-

Michelle said...

Hi Drama mama! Thanks so much for stopping by!

HEWY said...

I forgot they were still doing that show. I'm going to have to get caught up!

Michelle said...

Hewy- Just say NOOO!! LOL It isnt worth the pain.. LOL Just kidding :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!
I was hooked on the showtime thing the first season they offered it, I think it was the Allstars show. There's a website ( where people watch the feeds all the time and update what is going on all day and night. Then the guy or girl who runs jokers does a summary of each day. You can go ahead and know who was put up for eviction, who won veto, etc, before the show airs. I got tired of watching Showtime b/c it was late and b/c a lot of nights nothing good was happening. Jokers gives all the 'good stuff' without having to lose sleep!