Monday, July 21, 2008

My NEW Jimbo Story.. lol

I was reading a few past posts that I wrote about my brother Jimbo, who is also autistic. It cracked me up..I have been meaning to blog about Jimbo for a while now..But, stupid BIG BROTHER has had me all tied up in knots.. LOL

We saw Jimbo on July 4th this year..He was at my parents house..I usually try to find a way to visit him when he is at my parents..Either we see him there or we meet out..Sometimes it is impossible during that time, due to other family obligations..But I still try to see him when I can.. Seems that Jimbo and my hubby, Steve, have formed a neat little bond the 2 of them share.. Jimbo knows that Steve likes him and tries to include him in when he is around..

Those 2 goobers played back and forth with a throw pillow from my parents sofa..Jimbo has what we call "his sofa" downstairs in "his den"..He always goes there when he is with my parents and he chills out down there..He looks through magazines, plays a movie on his DVD player ( usually a Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler one- good choices, IMO), plays a movie on the tv and plays a cd in the background.. He has all of this playing at the SAME TIME.. Very autistic, if you ask me.. lol Anyway, I have decided I was put on this earth to mess with him and I always do..

I will go in "his den" and sit smack dab right next to Jimbo on "His sofa" and DARE him to tell me to MOVE..Hehe.. He will get this look on his face like "dammit, shes back" LOL He will sometimes try to "push" me away..I always sit closer and bug him.. He has been known to yell at me like "UUGHHHHHHH YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY STUPID SISTER!" I just get closer and bug him more.. Hey, thats what all siblings do.. I also learned a long time ago that you have to challenge autistic people.. I challenge Jimbo..He knows Im doing it.. Thats why he is like " oh shit" when I sit next to him.. hehe..

Oh, he LOVES it.. If I didnt do that to him, hed be mad at me.. Anyway, back to the game that he and Steve were playing on July 4th..Jimbo would take the pillow and hit his face with it and throw it at Steve..Steve would take it and do the same..Then Steve would yell something in the pillow..Jimbo would imitate him..They were both laughing the entire time..

A few days later, I saw my parents for a few minutes out, and Jimbo was with them..Steve was not in the car and when Jimbo got out of his car, he looked in my car, like he was searching for Steve.. He looked all put out when he couldnt find him..I asked him if he was looking for Steve..He shook his head yes.. I told him he was in the store.. He still looked disappointed that he couldnt see him.. I guess they "bonded" over that little game on July 4th.. Simple things like that are what make Jimbo so neat..For someone who cant talk, he sure does "say" alot!


Dullbert said...

Bravo Michelle to you Steve and Jimbo and most of all your parents !

Leigh said...

Sweet story. I love that, Michelle.