Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please, for the love!!

Please for the love, SOMEONE...ANYONE..EVERYONE..Evict Jessie from the Big Brother House!!! If I have to go another week watching this little punk, I will end up punching my TV.. No Joke.. I have had it with him.. He is so self absorbed and self centered that he LITERALLY makes me sick.. I know, I definately have reached PSYCHO status, being so involved in the Big Brother show.. Especially since I am BLOGGING about it.. But I just gotta vent.. There.. Done.. I feel better now!!


HEWY said...

Youre hooked!

Michelle said...

LOL I know!!!! So is my hubby.. The kids make SO MUCH fun of us.. They watch the show with us and when we get all mad about things, they tell us we are "SO WEIRD!" lol

Anonymous said...

OMG, girl I am right there with you about Jessie! I am hooked as well, I suscribe to the 24 hour feeds so I can be one up on the show. It's amazing how much they DON"T show on tv. You would really wanna punch Jessie if you saw the feeds! :)