Monday, July 14, 2008

My first take on the new Big Brother..

Ok.. I have to admit, I have been anxiously awaiting Big Brother 10..I dont understand why.. I dont get anything in return from this show.. Seriously.. All I get is dark circles under my eyes and a bad attitude from the lack of sleep, since Big Brother After Dark comes on at 11-2 on Showtime.. We usually DVR the show.. But alot of the time, I will stay awake and atleast watch the first 30-45 min of the show..

Last night I didnt stay up.. I was exhausted from cleaning out my garage all day in the heat.. I did watch the show and I have a few comments.. First, I want to thank Big Brother for allowing OLDER house guests!!! The past 2 seasons, we have seen 40 somethings on the show, and that actually added a very cool vibe, IMO.. I really get tired of the whiny, selfish, sexually motivated 22 year olds.I know, thats what Showtime is ALL about.. lol But, seriously, IT GETS OLD..

Big Brother has a house guest that is 75 years old!!! He is a retired marine and he confesss that he has watched EVERY EPISODE of BB and watches BB After Dark and also gets the live streaming as well! I am not sure if he has let his other house guests know that..I hope he keeps it under wraps for a while..He says that he has a strategy and plans on using it.. I want this guy to win! He is very endearing, of course, and this younger generation could stand to learn a bit from him..

There is another "older" person in the house as well.. Renny is 53, and a New Orleans "socialite".. You know what that means? She has a big mouth and a BIG accent and she likes to dress up.. She is the life of the party where she comes from. My mom is from New Orleans..I still have family that lives there..I knew all of that about her BEFORE I even saw the show.. I am worried her personality is much too big for this house.. I think she is a scream and I enjoy watching her.. She definatly ruffled a feather or 2 last night.. At one point, a few of the guys were basically saying she was crazy.. Shes not crazy!!! Shes from New Orleans!!!!!! Whole different world down there!!! Anyway, I want her to stay for a while..

Anyhoo, Ill be commenting on this show and talking about the players as the weeks progress, Im sure.. All I gotta say is I hope the house guests vote off this little whiny boy named Jessie, this week.. He and Renny have been put up for eviction, due to a little issue the 2 of them had.. Jessie is 22 and a body builder.. He is worried that his body is " too big" and he hopes that people arent put off by its MASSIVENESS.. Really? Geez.. THIS is why I hate self absorbed 22 year olds!! He got mad because he was trying to sleep and he kept hearing Renny yelling loudly in another room.. He claims he was asleep and she woke him with her shrieking..

SO? She woke you up? This is the Big Brother house.. Its not like you have to get up and go to work the next day, dude! Get a grip and chill out! I guess his MASSIVE MUSCLES were tired and he needed rest? Geez.. Not like you cant take a nap..Ever watch Big Brother before little one? Thats what they do to pass time on the show.. HE NEEDS TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! JMO :)


Jenny G said...

Hey Michelle, you went to John Caroll with my hubby Chris G, I met you when you were in the band with him. Stumbled across your blog from Hewy's...anway...I agree about Big Brother, we are huge fans and I too lose countless hours of sleep watching After Dark every night! We do like the 75 year old but did anyone else find his "signal" - the big X with his arms a little obvious to signal wanting a PRIVATE conversation???

Michelle said...

Hey! Im so glad you found me!!!We made so much fun of the signal.. lol My youngest jumped up and did the "Degenration X" sign that they used to do on that WWE wrestling show..LOL

Dee said...

I am so excited that Big Brother is back on too...dont know if hubby is because he says I watch it too much. I like Jerry too and hope he can stick it out. See ya!