Thursday, July 3, 2008

A few pictures from the trip~~

These pictures are not of the best quality, but hey, atleast I have some pictures.. LOL I forgot my camera ( that needs to be classified as some weird behavioral disorder) so I took pictures with my cell phone.. Oh, and that picture of Austin posing as Wendy? That was taken at a Wendy's we stopped at outside of Atlanta..He and I thought it was hilarious when he posed like that, so I took this picture..Austin is Tyler's friend..We brought him along because he is like family.. He had a good time, I think!

Tyler throwing Jack
Jack and Uncle Steve

Whit throwing Jack

Austin posing as Wendy
Jack and Me

Jeff throwing Jack
Steve loving Austin LOL

Steve throwing Jack


HEWY said...

I think Wendy's has been looking for a new spokesperson!

HEWY said...

Happy 4th of July, Michelle!

Dullbert said...

Who won the throw Jack contest? poor Jack :)

MissBossyPants said...

funtimes indeed!

Michelle said...

Hewy- We said the same thing about the new Wendy's spokeperson.. Sadly, that face he made would probably DETER people eating there! LOL I hope you had a great 4th!!

Dullbert-In all honesty, my oldest son probably got the most He was hilarious.. He loved it! Little boys are soo cute!

MissBossyPants- Definatly fun times!!!