Thursday, July 31, 2008

So TWITCH Thinks HE Can Dance?

I have admitted my 2 summer obsessions are Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance.. So I felt the need to give So You Think You Can Dance some bloggy love today..This show is so awesome.. It is so awesome that we watch it and DVR it at the same time, so we can watch the dances again.. Sad, I know.. But, I also feel that watching this show is helping the kids learn some CULTURE.. Where else can you see HIP HOP and the Pasodoble being performed on the same stage? I have actually learned the difference between some of these dances.. Im not saying I will be doing them anytime soon, though!!

One reason I am REALLY into this show this season is all these dancers that were struggling no-bodies coming to life! And there is one dancer on the show that is from my birth town- Montgomery, Alabama! Twitch is his name and dancin like a maniac is his game! He says he started as a young kid and actually tried to dance where he was from, but he ended up moving to Los Angeles to persue the dancing career.. Twitch's main dance style is a sort of comedic hip hop.. He actually is SO GOOD that he pretty much can dance any style.. Hip hop is just his regular style.. He was ALMOST voted on last season but lost in the last minute to another guy that has actually gone on and done well.. Last year just wasnt his year.. THIS is his year!

Another reason is another guy named Joshua Allen.. He is not a classically trained dancer, as well.. Actually, he played FOOTBALL before becoming interested in dance.. This guy can do just about any dance as well.. And he does them AMAZINGLY!! I am actually torn between the 2 dancers.. But I am more for Twitch because he is from Alabama..Both of the dancers were COMPLETE under dogs and I LOVE how they have knocked out all the past competition and made it to the top 6!

Katee Shean is my female standout.. She is ANOTHER under dog story.. She was almost not voted in this season..The judges thought she lacked enthusiasm during the pre show finals.. I didnt think she lacked enthusiasm.. I think she wanted this more than anything..But she was torn because her room mate, and best friend was also in the competition..To make a little show drama, they left the decision process down to the two of them.. Either it was Katee, or her room mate.. Katee, being the good friend, acted "non chalant" about the whole thing.. She acted like if she made it and her friend didnt, that she wasnt sure she could do it..I think she was just showing her loyalty to her friend, who was ALSO a very good performer..Well, the judges told her that she was the one they picked between the 2 and you could see her being torn inside about her friend not making it but excited about herself making it at the same time.. Good tv show drama.. FO SHO.. Anyway, the judges are extremely pleased with Katee's performances weekly.. She is a very strong dancer, especially when she dances with Joshua..Heck, shes good when she dances with Twitch, as well.. LOL

I am hoping these 3 make the top 4..Ill be watching it tonight!

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