Thursday, July 10, 2008

Strawberry Cake is like Therapy! LOL

I have to take a moment and thank two of my friends, Teri and Leigh..Maybe we are all on the same wavelength? I am not sure.. All I know is I was having a very trying day Tuesday and they BOTH showed up at my store with the most delectible pieces of Strawberry Cake that I have EVER had.. Seriously.. Leigh blogged about Ashley Mac's strawberry cake and raved that it was better than Edgars.. I LOVE strawberry cake.. I was always a chocolate girl, but there is something about a Strawberry Cake that totally voids out my "Chocolate Tooth" LOL

Thanks ladies! I got to have a "few" bites..Hubby thanks you too! LOL He loved it as much as I did!


HEWY said...

Now Im going to have to try it!!

Michelle said...

Its worth the gas money.. lol

Leigh said...

ITs goooooood stuff. Hewy, next time I will bring ya a slice.Sorry.

YUMMMMM! Yes, indeed worth the gas, in fact next one who goes needs to buy and so on. Ya know?

I am addicted to the cake.

Terri said...

I live near Ashley Macs. Maybe y'all should just purchase a cake and divide it three ways. I can deliver it.

And what do I get out of it besides being a good samaritan? They have brownie samples on the front desk!