Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time for a change.. AGAIN lol

Anyone that has been through a really tough emotional loss will probably attest to the way it ends up dictating their lives.. It takes a toll on you.. I have gained probably 20-25 pounds since my surgery last June.. It has been typical of my body to do this after a major surgery or emotional stress so when I had BOTH happen within a 3 month period, I KNEW I was headed to GAINSVILLE.. and I dont mean Gainsville, Florida.. lol

I cannot say that I was a perfect dieter during this post surgery/stress time.. I am NOT saying that.. But my body does go into a form of survival and I gain weight EASILY.. I have found the ONLY way to end this madness is to RADICALLY change my habits.. I have found in the past that I cant do ANYTHING but the HCG diet.. No shakes, no low carb, nothing works except for the HCG diet.. I do believe that the HCG diet does renew my hypothalamus and it also cleanses my system and gets my habits realigned.. So, I ordered some drops Friday and I will start as soon as they come in.. So, here's to a NEW ME in 7 weeks.. Wish me luck!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Don't forget to exercise when you can. Not only does exercise help you lose weight but it helps release stress and imrove your mental health.

john john said...

I weighed 286 in 2010, and weigh 192 now. I discovered that my problem was not losing weight, but keeping it off......the key for me was gradual permanent life style changes