Monday, January 16, 2012

Crazy Stuff.. lol

Ok.. So in the midst of the most heart wrenching of times we had a few funny/interesting moments.. One happened while we were sitting around her, discussing the beach.. We would check Mama's level of consciousness occasionally and she could focus her eyes on us or would squeeze our hand.. Eventually, she stopped focusing and her eyes became distant and sort of gray looking.. She also stopped responding.. This was all a part of her body shutting down, but her poor little heart just beat the hell out of her chest.. It was so mechanical to watch.. Her breathing was almost becoming more mechanical sounding, as well.. But, we sat there, discussing the beach and how we were planning on going for Tyler's graduation in June..

One thing Mama loved was going to the beach as a family.. She didnt like to get in the water, but she would sit under an umbrella and just take it all in.. And at night, we would all sit outside, drink come fruity drinks and listen to the boys play their guitars and watch then flirt with girls.. We also enjoyed watching my sister's kids play too.. Alot of family fun.. Sometimes, Mama would make sure we had reservations for the next year even.. She told us the month before she died that she wanted us to go to the beach for Tyler's graduation and that she would wave to us from the water.. lol 

So to lighten the mood, Daddy started talking about the beach.. My sister and I had both discussed that we werent sure if we could go to the same place and the same beach and stay there and not be emotional wrecks so we were going to see if we could change the venue but we hadnt discussed it with Daddy yet and we were NOT going to pick now to do it either.. lol.. While we were talking about the beach, Mama started stirring again, and she was reacting a bit to what we were talking about.. That was when I decided we were going to stay where we had in the past because it meant THAT MUCH to Mama that she stirred from death's door because it made her so happy.. But, soon after, she went back to the mechanical breathing and gray eyes..

Another interesting moment happened a little while later, while my sister and I were discussing what Mama would be doing in heaven.. She told us she was going to be a greeter in heaven a few weeks back and so my sister said that again.. All of a sudden, out of the blue, the power went out.. COMPLETELY.. There were no storms, no wind.. The power just went OUT.. I RAN out of the room, freaking out, screaming " THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!!! STOP MESSING WITH ME!!!! STOP IT!!!!!" then the power came back on.. I was bawling and my husband was in the next room looking at me like I was PSYCHO.. lol  Look, I was a little "on edge" from all the days activities so this reaction to a power failure was exactly what would be expected from me.. LOL  My sister STILL laughs about this.. On Christmas Eve, we were all gathered as a family at my sister's house and the power started flickering.. Immediately, my sister looked at me and laughed.. I told her if the power went out, I was LEAVING.. lol 

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