Monday, September 3, 2012

So MUCH Goings On!!!

When I looked at that post title, I realized it didnt make much sense.. HAHA  Well, honestly, in this world we live in, does much of anything make sense? I was basically saying there is SO MUCH going on in my world that I MUST finally blog an update..So much goings on in my life here theys are.. : D

First off, the new school year has started.. Yes, Tyler graduated in May and he has now begun his freshman year at Central Alabama Community College, playing baseball when he isnt going to class there as well.. Very proud of him!! Todd has started his sophomore year in HIGH SCHOOL.. You realize when I first started this blog, he was halfway through his FIFTH GRADE year.. Where did the time go?? He is going to turn 16 in 3 days.. YIKES.. Whit is currently looking for a job but in his spare time, he has become a ROCK STAR.. Well, he is a ROCK STAR IN TRAINING.. lol He and Tyler have formed a band with 2 guys that they went to high school with and are starting to make quite a name for themselves locally.. The band is called VERTIGO.. They play mostly rock from the 90s and early 2000s with a few newer tunes and a few classics along with 3 of their own original songs..

This whole rock band thing is so fun!!! It has been an awesome diversion for my dad too! He goes to as many of the boy's shows as he can.. Pretty cool to see a 69 year old man LOVING the music.. He does have a vested interest and he is a little partial since 1/2 the band are his grandsons.. LOL But, he wouldnt go if he didnt like the music, so that proves they are good for music lovers of ALL AGES!!

This is the perfect time for this to be going on because we are nearing the 1 year anniversary of Mama's death.. It still seems surreal.. I still have moments when I think " Oh- I have to call Mama and tell her about so-and-so.." and then I realize I cant.. So sometimes, I will call Daddy and tell him that I called him because I would normally call Mama.. I love my Daddy but its not the same.. lol  The closer I get to the day of the date she died on, I am finding myself more anxious.. Not sure what that means.. Maybe it is acceptance? I know I have made myself pretty much ignore most of the emotions that go with the whole issue of her death.. And it is starting to show in my body and demeanor.. I atleast got my hormones pretty much in check after my surgery last summer.. But, I am battling depression from the obvious emotional torture inside my heart over my mama no longer being on earth.. All the while, acting like nothing is bothering me.. Hopefully, the passing of this dreaded date will help release me from this torture inside.. Until that happens, I will be just trudging forward..


Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

There are lots of things in this post that are blessings. And I know that your mother is so very proud of you. I am too. I think that the acceptance is that you are in a better place too and can celebrate her homecoming and knowing she is fully restored. Be sure to do that, celebrate that day. Make plans with your family to go out to dinner at her fav place, or cook her fav meal, share fun stories and truely celebrate that day. Her homecoming. She would love that. And i love you friend!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

There are many blessings in this post. Iam so happy for you, and I know that your mother is too. I think acceptance is good. Make that day a one of celebration, go out to eat with your family at her fav restaurant or make her favorite meal. Share fun stories and memories while you share company. It can be a new tradition born of your mothers love and her memory. Thinking of you! <3