Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2

Ugh.. That pretty much sums up how I feel today.. I have been fighting this sinus/throat issue now since the week before Christmas.. So basically for a month now I have been stopped up.. This morning, the day AFTER I started the VLCD part of this diet, I wake up and I feel like it has moved to my chest.. I have felt sick all day..I am not running a fever so I am wondering if I wasn't doing this diet, would I feel this awful? Not because of the diet but because I am basically cleansing my body and purging it of all the fat, sugar and sodas? I still have coffee but I'm not drinking Diet Mtn Dew..

Of course, my chest cold has nothing to do with detoxing my body.. BUT, maybe it does to an extent.. I have always wondered if I have a gluten intolerance.. When I start eating larger amounts of gluten in my diet, I notice my nose stops up.. I always feel awesome on this diet after the initial few days.. I actually feel best while doing the atkins part of the maintenance phase.. I wish I could stick with it after.. Maybe I should just adapt to the low carb way of eating.. Of course, I say this and in a year, ill be doing this again.. LOL

Hunger-wise, today was better because I was so busy.. Staying busy definitely keeps me from thinking about the small amount that I'm eating everyday.. LOL 30 some-odd days isn't THAT long.. Seriously.. By the time I'm off the diet, March will almost be here!!!! And ill hopefully be 25 pounds lighter!!!! YAY!!!!

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