Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 5-6

I got a little behind on posting the past few days.. I sometimes need to take a break from the computer so I did.. =D Anyway, nothing much new.. I am down 7 pounds as of right now and Steve is down 18.6.. Tomorrow is the OFFICIAL WEEKLY WEIGH IN and I will post my "official results" then..

I have been a little hungry but not too bad.. I think it is more attitude than anything.. Like for instance, last night, Todd had alot of friends over.. I made popcorn for the kids.. I had pretty much already eaten all my food for the day.. It SUCKED.. So, I made some coffee.. Steve and I sipped our coffee and played Scrabble like OLD FOLKS.. haha Atleast I wasnt dying too much.. I am looking forward to when I CAN have some type of snack when everyone else is eating it..

We did have some steak yesterday and that was VERY YUMMY.. Filet Mignon is SOOO GOOD.. It is very lean and tastes better than any other steak cut around, IMO.. It is so tender!! I am hoping to drop another pound by tomorrow.. That will put me 2 pounds away from my original HCG injection diet weight from 2 years ago.. I am very excited about this because I am only a WEEK into this diet.. I will be ATLEAST 14 or so pounds more before this is all over.. Granted, this is my third round, I am atleast not ending at the same weight everytime.. It seems I start about 10 pounds lighter each round.. So, there MUST be some good in this!!

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