Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 7-8

Well, once again I didn't post.. Sorry!!! Haha I am a little bit overwhelmed and tired when school is in session.. Add this diet and I am exhausted!!!! I am absolutely beat this afternoon!!! It doesn't help that today was a completely rainy, cold and dreary day, either!!!! And you wonder why I get into a funk this time EVERY YEAR??? :p
Let's just say: the rain ain't helping any!!!

So anyway, here are the OFFICIAL totals for week one of VLCD: me- down 8 pounds.. Steve- down 19.6!!!! We are now at DAY 10 on the hcg diet and this is supposed to be the WORST day.. I'm feeling it!!! Haha!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.. I hope to lose about 12-15 more pounds!!!!

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