Monday, February 14, 2011


Today is Valentine's Day and I didn't eat one single stinkin piece of chocolate.. Or one brownie.. I DID have steak, but not a huge one and I had strawberries for dessert.. I think the strawberries will be much better once I can add a little whipped cream.. Haha

I am within a pound of what I weighed Sunday.. I am hoping to drop another 3 before I am ready to move on to the 3rd week of maintenance.. As of right now, I am looking forward to eating low carb, which will begin around 6 pm TOMORROW!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! I REALLY wanted a piece of chocolate today so its a good thing I am still on the diet.. Haha

Anyway, I hope my attitude and hunger now chill out.. I have been more miserable this round than before.. For sure the next round will only be 23 days..

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