Saturday, January 8, 2011

Typical Michelle HA

Well, in my typical ADD-Michelle fashion, I didnt post on my blog again for 4 months.. I know you are SO SURPRISED.. =D So, I decided it is time for me to start purging, um BLOGGING.. I knew I would probably not post again after I posted last.. But I was hoping I would.. Blogging isnt as easy as it appears.. If you are busy, like I am, it is hard.. I found out I can blog from my BlackBerry so that makes it easier.. I always feel better when I blog.. Especially when I am dieting.. I also like to post my opinions on the latest reality show I am into..Hence this blog name " Weight Loss and Reality TV?"...

I guess those 2 things totally rule my world.. I am either losing or gaining.. RARELY am I maintaining.. I did a great job maintaining my weight after the last round on the HCG diet until Christmas season.. Ill admit, I ate TONS of CRAP that I shouldnt.. MOST people do during that time.. And, as it always happens, I am having a hard time returning to healthy eating ways.. I have decided I am going to start another round of the HCG diet.. I have come to realize that I ENJOY the pain and agony I go through.. =D In all seriousness, I am really not THAT miserable.. I just dont suffer in silence.. Ask my mother, she will tell you.. " Michelle, you NEVER suffer in silence"

I am going to order the hcg drops this week and start them when they get here.. I guess what prompted me to do this was the diet challenge at my work.. I got on the scale yesterday and I am up like 8 pounds, which isnt THAT bad, but I dont want it to get out of hand like it did last time.. I was up like 20 pounds before I got back on the HCG regime.. I dont want to get that far out, that way, I can lose down to a smaller weight..

Also, Steve had some blood work come back and it wasnt that great of a report.. The diet itself on the HCG diet is very strict yet, you get what you need.. He needs this diet too.. He hates it as much as I do, if not more, but there is something to be said for being able to CONTROL what you take in and lose about 4-7 pounds a week.. My friend Britney has lost 11 pounds in a week.. She is doing AWESOME.. THAT alone is reason enough for me to do this diet!!

So, I will, ONCE AGAIN, be blogging on the journey and will also be blogging about our lives and REALITY TV.. IM BAAACCCKK!! =P

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Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

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