Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yes, that describes me to a T.. I am a patiently impatient person.. I WANT to be patient.. But I am not.. lol I guess you could say I am a optimistic pessimist of sorts.. I am SO READY to start this freakin diet.. I am TOLD by people at work that I dont look bigger.. But thats because I am wearing BLACK.. HA My pants are tighter and I feel YUCKY..

The saying " you are what you eat" serves in this purpose.. I feel like CRAP right now.. I am going to scream if I don't get this diet on with.. LOL Atleast we know I am in the right frame of mind to do it! You have to be with the HCG diet.. No halfsies.. You have to be ALL IN.. Like Auburn Family.. LOL BTW, congratulations to all my Auburn friends!! Awesome game!!

I guess I will end this post today.. It isnt much, but atleast I am not ignoring my blog.. :D

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