Sunday, February 6, 2011

Less than 2 weeks left!!!!

I have sooooo been in such a horrible mood lately that blogging about this diet is the LAST thing I have wanted to be doing.. This week was AWFUL for Steve and me.. I gained and lost the same 2 pounds all week.. Not a good thing when ALL you are eating is 500 calories a day.. It just makes ME develop a horrible attitude..

Steve was also teetering between 5 pounds all week.. He broke through it and has now lost 31 pounds total.. I am at about 14-15, depending on how my body feels like acting.. For some reason, I hold onto water all the time.. I know its probably hormonal and all but it is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I hope this week will be a little more forgiving.. We have less than 2 weeks left on the diet and I am looking forward to eating low carb!!!!

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