Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have been soooo busy I havent had time to post anything! I feel like I am so behind! Its American Idol night! My middle son is in the 8th grade at Riverchase Middle School and is trying out for the baseball team this week.. The coach is having tryouts take place at 5:30.. My oldest son is on the Varsity Baseball team and they have practice until 5.. This means tryouts will run PAST American Idol time.. Doesnt the coach KNOW THAT? My gosh! Thank God for DVR!!! We always missed our shows once baseball season started..NOT ANYMORE!! I heard today that they are holding tryouts for the next Real World in Birmingham this weekend! If I was young and single Id try out.. How much fun would that be? I remember the first season of The Real World when Julie from Birmingham was there.. She was so cute! The girl on the radio said that there is a good chance someone from Birmingham will be on it..I guess theres ANOTHER reality show I will watch.. I watch most of them.. My favorite, besides American Idol is BIG BROTHER..And when they started putting it on Showtime, I was TOTALLY hooked.. Countless hours watching them do absolutely NOTHING! Sometimes you could hear a good conversation but most the time, it was BORING.. DVR to the rescue!!! :) I will try to write more later..


HEWY said...

I love recording tv shows too! I want to buy the ones that allow you to pause the radio in the car as well.

Michelle said...

HAHA I know.. There was this one stupid commercial that came on the same time every morning on the way to school about 2 years ago.. It was some lady reciting her 1+1=2, 2+2=4 and so on and I thought my 15 year old son was going to scream..I had to turn the volume down when that one came on.. What I wouldve given for a fast forward button! HA