Thursday, January 17, 2008

American Idol=Family Night!

Geez..Where do I begin? I have said before that my whole family absolutely lives for this show..This is THE ONE TIME during the year that all 3 of my boys, my hubby and I all sit together and watch the show..I have to admit that as a mommy, these are times I really do cherish..Aint nothin better than hearing the laughter that comes out of my sons and hubby while watching some goofy dweebo try to sing Mariah Carey..Very badly, I might add..Actually, I recall watching Taylor Hicks's audition..Taylors vocals were great..He was definately different.. and good..But good lawd! He sure didnt look the part..He had some weird Joe Cocker shyboy thing going..He had this gray hair and just looked WEIRD when he would sing..And then when he would finish, hed do this weird thing with his eyes and face that CRACKED my kids up.. Sadly, they would rewind his performance on the DVR numerous times and die laughing..Sorry Taylor..We did vote for you though!! We really enjoyed watching you transform from a really weird guy that could sing to a great performer..And he has turned out to be really cute too..He just needed some polishing..

This is where I will begin my comments on the show..There is gonna be some polishing going on I am sure in the next few weeks..A few standouts ..The one person that REALLY stood out for me was the 26 year old girl from Philadelphia that had the daughter with Rett's Syndrome..To be honest, I bawled my eyes out..I dont mean tear up..Tears were POURING out of my eyes while her story unfolded..My family looked at me like "not again?" haha I seem to have a soft spot for special needs..My brother is autistic and I will talk about him in a later post..But anyway, there I was bawling saying " I am voting for her if she makes it all the way" :) Another standout was the girl that LOOKED and sounded like Carrie Underwood from Dallas..She had her own sound that sounded like her..To be honest, I am not sure she would go very far in Country Music, even if she won American Idol..Carrie Underwood came at a time when there was a slow down of newcomers..She had such a sound that was very reminiscent of Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride as well..She would also probably drown in the sea of Pop singers..I do not think that Jordan is faring nearly as well as she should just because of the competition she is facing..

I think it is time for a male singer to win..How about the farm boy? Wow he was cute! He had a good voice that sounded alot like any good male country singer and dang he was so innocent and adorable...The teenage girls would go crazy voting for him.. But, I am afraid that he would be eaten alive by Hollywood..I could be wrong..I guess we will have to wait and see..This is about all I gotta say about this on this post..I will talk more later.. :)