Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol

This is my first official post on American Idol..It isnt much but I had to have a first post..They keep saying this is the BEST American Idol EVER..I am wondering if this is a marketing ploy, especially since it IS the seventh season..I am sure there is worry that eventually people will grow bored of the show..I dont know though..I NEVER got tired of Seinfeld, Friends or Cheers and they were all LONG RUNNING shows.. But ANYWAY.. They said that the season with Taylor Hicks was the best too..I really loved that season..The talent was AWESOME!!! I secretly was pulling for Chris Daughtry but I spent every week calling in for Taylor because he is a hometown hero..Taylor really is a great performer and has such a soulful voice.. My family really enjoyed watching him go from being an eclectic local performer to becoming a polished looking professional..He still looks and sounds great! As for Chris Daughtry, his voice BLEW ME AWAY! I am really into the kind of music he sings even though I am a mom..My sister is a mom and she LOVES Chris Daughtry..She even saw him when he came to Birmingham last Spring..I remember the night Chris was voted off I called my sister to check in with her and make sure she was ok..It was like someone had died.. When she answered I saw " Are you OK?" "she said "OMG! I cannot believe that Chris got voted OFF! They kept that pageant (explective deleted hehe) and sent him home!" We laugh about it now ( actually laughed about it then too because her reaction was so funny) but at the time we were in shock..Chris and Taylor should have been in the final 2, not Katharine..She is beautiful and all and can sing but shes no CHRIS DAUGHTRY.. hehe.. I have Chris singing "Wanted Dead or Alive" for a ringtone on my cell phone..I know, I have a problem! :) I hope someone like Chris will be on the show this season!


Leigh said...

I too thought TH and CD would be finalist. I am sure they were glad they placed as they did, for they have more input of their own into their albums where as the winner is on Idol ideas completely. I think it worked out. I too a a huge CD fan. Yes, I too went to see him.

Michelle said...

I LOOOVE CD..I was so sad I couldnt get to see him when he came to Birmingham..My sister went..All 3 of my boys had baseball games scheduled that night, with 2 of them being away games..No way I could have worked that one out..haha

Deedra said...

Hey Michelle,
So glad that you are blogging. I too have a blog that I started recently. Check it out at:


Also THANK YOU for putting up with all those people who continue to look for me and my alterations. There is something special coming your way for the effort!