Sunday, January 20, 2008

SO SAD :*(

I found out about 2 hours ago that Rick Burgess's son, Bronner died last night..I had planned on uploading a few pictures from the snow and talk about that but I am just in such shock from this issue that I cannot think of anything else..I have listened to the Rick and Bubba show for about 13 years now..I have met Rick numerous times out in public and at several functions for Special Olympics..I have always appreciated the fact that he supported Autism, he told me he had a cousin that was autistic.. Also, I guess when you listen to someone on a daily basis, even if you are not face to face, you feel a sort of "bond" per se with someone..My youngest son, Todd, plays football for Speedy's team and I cannot imagine the pain that Speedy and his family are feeling right now since they are all so close and have kids near the same age..I am having the hardest time even beginning to understand the pain that the Burgess family is having to deal with..What they are dealing with is a nightmare that all parents fear.. I guess the only thing we can all do is pray for them..They have tons of close family and friends that will take care of them.. My heart goes out to the Burgess family and for their adorable son Bronner "Cornbread" Burgess..Much love to you all..

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