Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol week 2

American Idol is all I expected it to be this season..It is also a much needed "wind down" with all the sadness and stress in my life these days! There was a MAJOR standout last night..The girl that made it through to Hollywood in Season 5..WOW is all I can say.. I remembered her from before..She was AWESOME..THAT girl will make it to the top 10, unless she cracks under pressure, as so many others do..I have this funny feeling she wont, though..She said she was heartbroken when she couldnt continue in season 5 because of her visa..I am thinking she will soar like an eagle when she gets to Hollywood..The guy that had the son that looked EXACTLY like him, ponytail and all also stood out for me..I cant remember names people, lets remember that! HAHA I am great with faces, but please, dont ask me a name!!! Anyway, his story was heartbreaking, to say the least and his little boy was ADORABLE..He got to come into the room where his daddy auditioned after they let him through to Hollywood and he said "Hi Simon, Hi Paula, WASSUUP Randy!" That was so cute!! That other guy from Austrailia was good too..HE WAS HOT! He will DEFINATELY get the hot guy vote..He could sing too..The look on Paula's face was PRICELESS..HA! I look forward to tonights airing..

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