Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blog Name Change

I decided today that I needed to change the name of my blog from Weight Loss and American Idol to Weight Loss and Reality TV.. I dont talk about American Idol that much and there are MANY other reality shows that I watch.. Do you remember "Temptation Island"? Wow, now THAT was a family show! HA My husband and I watched "Paradise Hotel" R-E-L-I-G-I-O-U-S-L-Y every week when that show was out.. Watching Dave was reason enough.. That dude cracked me up! He really thought he was a stud!! We pretty much rearranged everything to watch the show , because that was before DVR for us.. I found out about 1/2 way through the shows tenure that my sister was also an addict for reality TV so we would spend hours discussing the shows like we were their family or friends.. It was so funny.. I knew we had a problem when I found myself GREATLY bothered by one episode and my husband and I spent about an hour discussing it like we were there and actually had an opinion.. That was when I knew it.. I KNEW we were addicted to Reality TV.. We watch everything.. I havent been able to get into Survivor though..They have snakes on there and I cant LOOK at a snake, much less watch it on TV.. I avoid anything like that.. YUCK


Leigh said...

I never did watch those. I think my only sinful indulgence in reality is AI, dancing w/the stars. Family jewels. I loved family plots on A&E but it is no longer on (but it is on DVD!).I watched apprentice one year and then got my fill.

Michelle said...

I dont really watch The Apprentice either.. I have some but it must coincide with another one of my shows.. Although I will say when I found out that Gene Simmons was on it, I HAD to watch it.. I missed the first one and then watched the second one and then he got FIRED! He was the best on the show! So full of himself! He makes GREAT TV!