Friday, June 27, 2008

Ok-- My Kid Rock Story..

A few years back, Kid Rock came to the Amphitheater here in Pelham.. I am a HUGE fan of his music.. Not too much of his language in his songs, but the music is great.. He has his own sound.. And I LOVE it.. Anyway, back in those days, it was around 2001, which now seems like EONS ago.. I was a divorced single mom with 3 kids ages 5,8 and 12.. I was friends with this other single mom who's son played on a t-ball team with my youngest.. She was also a huge fan.. She had a friend, who I was also an aquaintance with, that was a huge fan.. She was about to go through a divorce so I guess she was wanting to get out and relax with some girls and see an awesome concert..

My friend got us FREE tickets.. I was sooooo excited! I got all dressed up in my MOM outfit of shorts and a "mock" sleeveless turtleneck.. It was summer..I wasnt dressed up or anything, just very casual and mom-ish.. Ok.. Someone did NOT leave me a memo letting me know that you dont dress like a mom when you are going out with the girls to a KID ROCK concert.. I met my friend at her house and when she answered the door, I about fell out! She was wearing a halter top that barely held her boobs in and a pair of LEATHER pants! What the heck? She was dressed like she was a backup dancer for Kid Rock.. And Ill be honest.. She looked AWESOME.. She had the body to pull it off greatly...

Umm.. I did NOT.. So, Im sitting there in my little stupid SLEEVELESS MOCK TURTLENECK SWEATER and shorts looking at BEST, average.. And I am sitting next to Pamela Lee..Seriously.. I could have atleast been showing some cleavage or something.. LOL We picked met our other friend and got in her car..This was where I started feeling a little OUT OF PLACE..SHE was wearing a pair of leather snakeskin pants and a skin tight tank top..She , too, looked great in it.. I was trying to figure out how these single moms looked so good.. I was JEALOUS! LOL

So, here we were, MOMMY and her Back Up Dancers!! I was laughing and crying inside all at the same time.. Boy, did I stand out.. Or was it THEM that stood out? Either way, I just didnt fit.. So, we go to the concert and when I get there, I see a Pelham Police Officer that I knew.. The look on his face pretty much said it all.. Who are THOSE women? Those women are MOMS from the Homewood Ball Park.. Im sure he was wanting to come watch a few ballgames in Homewood.. LOL

We were walking to where we stood to watch the concert and a guy walks by and pretty much falls over his tongue as he gawks at the BOOB show.. One girl says " UGGHHH.. I dont understand why they have to STARE".. LOL HUH? Did I miss something? Sweetie, they STARE because you are falling out of your haltertop.. GEEZ..

We walked over to the stage and the back up dancers started flirting with a stage hand.. He was intrigued.. So, afterward, he let all 3 of us backstage.. I was SO EXCITED!! We were backstage, hobknobbing with all the band members.. I called my kids on a cell phone just to BRAG.. hehe.. They were so mad at me!! That was about the time when Kid Rock's percussionist, a woman, told one of the backup dancer moms that she " had the biggest breasts I have EVER seen"... UUGGHHHHHHHHHHHH Am I in HELL? That was when we went outside.. I am just taking a guess here, but I think his drummer was a lesbian.. Or she could have just been making an observation..Either way, the boob show became very uncomfortable and wanted to leave.. That was when we became friendly with another band member that let us all into a room where the band members unwind..This was where Kid Rock was..

I walked in, in my sleeveless mock turtleneck sweater and shorts, with the boob show and there he was..He was a skinny guy.. But he was EXTREMELY polite.. He even called me and the boob show "Ma'am" We both died.. lol He introduced himself as "Bobby".. I told him that my 5 year old loved him but he was only allowed to listen to EDITED versions.. LOL He thought that was cute.. Seriously.. Todd used to sit on a rocking horse at the YMCA when he was 4 and sing "Imma cowboy babyyyyyyyyyyyyy" .. so cute!!

We got to sit and hang with them for about 20 minutes.. I met Uncle Kracker too..Of course, he introduced himself as "Matt".. I was on a REAL NAME BASIS with them.. We were tight! LOL Anyway, we left and then went out on the town to a few dance places.. Of course, thats what backup dancers do, after they go to concerts..

Talk about a fish out of water.. Highlight of that portion of the night? When we tried to get into a dance place on Southside, I cant remember the name.. But anyway, you had to pay to get in.. One of the backup dancers told them that we all worked at SAMMY'S.. You know.. SAMMY'S, the STRIP CLUB..

SAMMY'S? REALLY? Ya think I REALLY look like I work there.. Um no.. I looked at the girl behind the counter and shook my head "Yes" and followed them in.. LOL Talk about a night!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My FAV song this moment!!

Whodathunkit? Darius Rucker, the famous voice of Hootie and the Blowfish, has gone country! A little tidbit of useless info: Hubby is from Columbia, SC, the birthplace of Hootie.. They went to University of South Carolina and played gigs there- GO GAMECOCKS!! Anyway, hubby has seen them about upteen million times so when there was talk about them touring again he was totally blase about it.. His exact words "Michelle, do you have any idea how many times I have seen them?" UUGGHHHH Oh well.. I can atleast listen to this song.. hehe.. Here it is : Darius Rucker singing " Dont Think I Dont Think About It" VERY CATCHY!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kid Rock 'Steal Everything' PSA

I got this idea from Dullberts blog.. I love this..This is HILARIOUS!! I am a HUGE Kid Rock fan.. I LOVE his sound..I dont care too much for the language, but he has AWESOME style.. Ill tell my Michelle Meets Kid Rock story another day.. hehe

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to the Y!

This week, I decided that it was time to get back into the swing of things by working out again! Tyler has football workouts in the mornings, so Im already out, might as well make use of the gas Im wasting! I kill 2 birds with one stone this way.. I decided that Todd should get a head start on his football workouts too.. We start off by doing 45 minutes on a cardio machine called the "Arc Trainer".. It looks a little like "The Gazelle".. That thing wears you out! I burned 550 calories in 45 minutes! Then after we do that, we work out our abs and then stretch.. Today, Todd wanted to work on his leg strength, so I had him do the leg press machine.. Back in my "Body For Life" workout days, I could leg press 600 pounds, 3 reps.. My hubby finds that impressive, yet weird.. lol.. Today, Todd leg pressed 210 pounds..He did 5 reps! I was impressed.. lol He wanted me to email is football coach and tell him.. lol

Monday, June 16, 2008

All this talk about cats..

I wanted to show you this picture.. This is the girl cat, Cissy.. She is so silly..Why do cats always pick boxes or clothes to lay on? It is so funny..It never fails..I leave out something to wear on my bathroom counter or on my bed.. and a cat will be laying on top of it..A box is left out.. A cat will lay in it.. Here is a picture of the silly cat sitting in a box that I got a pair of shoes in off of Ebay.. Cats are so strange.. lol

My cat story (PART 3)

So we introduced little "Max" to Cissy the girl cat..She IMMEDIATELY took to him! I was really surprised because she was so anti before her brother died.. She played with him and cleaned him..It was like she now had something in her little cat life that she had been missing! He was a little frisky for a boy cat, too! He ran around like a kitten on crack sometimes, it seemed.. He went outside and LOVED it..
I was scared to let him run around, since Cocky's death..But he was a cat and thats something they love..The girl cat doesnt care for the outside too much..She will go out but will ALWAYS come scratch on the window by my bedroom so I can let her in..But the boy cat will go out and stay out for a long time..And he will just sit by the door, or sit on one of the cars until we open the door for him.. Im trying to figure out if he is just dumb and cant figure out that if he scratches like the girl, we will let him in, or he just doesnt care.. lol
Turns out this crazy cute boy cat has quite an outside life! My neighbor 2 doors down says he visits them quite regularly.. Her daughter calls him "Princess" because he is so pretty.. haha He was almost taken by a strange woman in our neighborhood one time too..I blogged about it back in January He even spoke one time..The latest was last week my family had gotten home from a baseball game and noticed that the boy cat was sitting in the driveway..When out of the blue, about 3-4 birds started circling him and chirping wildly.. Then they would dive down and miss his head by a few feet..The cat just sat there and would play with them..He would flick his tail at them and then roll around until they noticed him.. It was quite funny.. This happened on Friday night, as well.. My neighbor, from 2 doors down told me that she saw the same thing the other day in her yard.. I guess this little guy keeps us all entertained! Silly cat!

My cat story Part 2

OK.. So we had 2 adorable kittens, Cocky and Cissy..They were NEVER called by their names in our house..It was always BOY cat and GIRL cat..I dont know why..We still do it! These kittens did EVERYTHING together..Up until 6 months of age, they shared the same cat bed..They wouldnt sleep anywhere else..They would chase each other around the house, of course at 3 AM, while we were all sleeping! You would hear growling and hissing and then a thump, where one of the two would bump into something.. lol.. Never a boring moment..
The boy cat immediately became huge! He weighed at 6 months, probably 18 pounds, easily! He had long fur, too.. VERY pretty cat..But he liked to go run around, even after he was fixed..The girl cat was fat too..But she had short hair..And an attitude..She would hiss at anyone who came near her..
One time, Drew came by our house while we were out of town..He couldnt get in and called Whit on his cell phone..Whit told him to go through the window in his room.. I guess this was before he learned to lock windows.. DUH.. But anyway, Drew came through window and the girl cat saw him and had him BACKED into a corner.. Drew was scared shed eat him, I guess! HAHA The boy cat was VERY friendly and sweet.. Girl cat was the Alpha-female, I guess..
When the cats were about 2, the boy cat came home from being outside and I noticed he was a little slow.. He laid on the bed and refused to drink any water or eat..I noticed he wasnt using the litter box..SOMETHING WAS WRONG!!! He was laid up on my bed and was wimpering..I picked him up to put him in the litter box and he peed all over me.. I knew this was something more than a little sickness.. The next morning, he made his way to the bathroom hallway near the boys room..He was moaning.. It was so sad..We would try to move him and hed squall like a baby! I called a vet and he told my hubby to bring him in..I later found out that after I went to work , hubby went to pick him up to take him to the vet and he had a HUGE seizure.. Poor boy cat! I got a call later that afternoon that Cocky had had another huge seizure and died after it..The vert said that possibly he had gotten into some poison in the neighborhood..Anyway, he was dead and the girl cat was all alone!
A few months passed and the girl cat TOTALLY changed her attitude! She became really sweet, would even let people pet her when they visited..She still didnt like people going into her DOMAIN, which is the master bedroom and bathroom..But she was alot nicer.. Only problem was, she wouldnt clean herself very well..She developed this weird dandruff on her back..Hubby and I determined that she must have been depressed her brother was gone..She is an animal and all, but she knew he was gone.. We decided that Christmas that she needed a new "brother". We were trying to decide on a name for this new baby boy cat..We were NOT naming him Cocky..Both cats we named Cocky died.. Bad name.. We named this little guy Max.. We also call him BOY cat.. Weird.. I know.. lol TO BE CONTINUED...

My Cat Story..

I am a cat lover..I admit it..I am NOT a dog lover.. I have had numerous dogs and I have gotten rid of every one I have ever owned..I have been trying to figure out why that is..I think puppies are adorable! I also think grown dogs are beautiful..There is nothing more beautiful than a black or chocolate lab full grown.. Or a German Shepherd..Those are the cutest puppies too! But, for some reason, we always get the ONE puppy in the litter that is not potty trainable and likes to run all over the place and mock you while you chase them all over the neighborhood ( ugghhh SOCKS!)
Maybe it is because I do not have alot of patience and I live in such a rush and go lifestyle with 3 boys and sports.. I guess thats where the self-sufficient cat comes in..They own you, you dont own them..They choose daily to come back to you and allow you to feed it..Seriously..
Anyway, this is why I chose to blog about the weirdness of cats.. I have 2 cats..One is Cissy, I actually birthed her back in 2004..Her mama had 6 kittens and another died inside her and it caused birth complications.. Mama cat (her name was Cocky, named after the South Carolina mascot, we thought she was a he wen we first got her..haha)died the next day after giving birth..Left us with 6 newborn kittens and no mama.. I was devastated..I had NEVER cried over an animal..It was so sad! I remember sitting in the car with the 6 kittens in a box and I told hubby " We are ALL they got"
Sadly, 2 died within the next 24 hours.. I was working full time and the kids were in school and hubby was working full time too.. It was like having a newborn all over again..Only I had no maternity leave! I had to feed the kittens every 3-4 hours.. I was exhausted! And we were leaving to go on a cruise in like 3 days! I was just thankful that Mama cat had the kittens the week BEFORE we went on the cruise or we would have come home to 8 dead cats.. :(
I found a woman that could nurse them until they were 6 weeks old..She was such a sweet woman, lived in Mountain Brook.. We dropped the kittens off on a Friday evening.. We were leaving on Sunday.. I felt like I was leaving my kids.. Heck, I had been basically breast feeding them for the past 4 days.. Every few hours..I even sneaked them in a box to work one day, so I could feed them on schedule..I got in trouble for that later.. lol..
Sad news came when we got back from the cruise..Two more kittens had died..The nice lady from Mountain Brook buried them in her backyard.. She said that mama cat probably had a virus in her that contaminated the kittens that died.. I was so sad! But, 4 weeks later, we came home with a boy cat we named Cocky, after his mama.. And 2 weeks later, we came home with Cissy..To be continued...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My favorite song right now..

Im embarrassed to say this.. Really.. I even have this song as a ringtone on my phone.. I love Miley Cyrus's song "See You Again"! Maybe I am channeling my inner preteen girl? I dont know.. All I know is I cant get enough of this silly song.. HAHA

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday, my sister had this BRIGHT IDEA to go on the water slides here at the Caribe..They have 3 at the building we are staying at the pool..Maybe it was the Pina Colada I had, maybe it was my INNER child trying to come out and play..Who knows but everyone looked up and 3 "old" chicks in MOM swimsuits were running up the steps to the BIG water slide that had 2 wild and crazy turns and were squealing like little girls as we rode down the slide..My sister and I were laughing so hard and had so much fun going down the slide that we ran to the other slide and had races to see who got to the bottom faster.. I have one picture on my slide show of the three of us after we went down the slide.. Sadly, my BOOB hurt so much this morning from all the jarring and quick movements on the fast slide.. Oh well.. It was really fun.. We laughed about how funny it was that us MOM's( and Grandmoms too lol) were practically pushing kids to the side to go down the slide.. HAHA

So far so good - Vacation Trip 2008!