Monday, June 16, 2008

My Cat Story..

I am a cat lover..I admit it..I am NOT a dog lover.. I have had numerous dogs and I have gotten rid of every one I have ever owned..I have been trying to figure out why that is..I think puppies are adorable! I also think grown dogs are beautiful..There is nothing more beautiful than a black or chocolate lab full grown.. Or a German Shepherd..Those are the cutest puppies too! But, for some reason, we always get the ONE puppy in the litter that is not potty trainable and likes to run all over the place and mock you while you chase them all over the neighborhood ( ugghhh SOCKS!)
Maybe it is because I do not have alot of patience and I live in such a rush and go lifestyle with 3 boys and sports.. I guess thats where the self-sufficient cat comes in..They own you, you dont own them..They choose daily to come back to you and allow you to feed it..Seriously..
Anyway, this is why I chose to blog about the weirdness of cats.. I have 2 cats..One is Cissy, I actually birthed her back in 2004..Her mama had 6 kittens and another died inside her and it caused birth complications.. Mama cat (her name was Cocky, named after the South Carolina mascot, we thought she was a he wen we first got her..haha)died the next day after giving birth..Left us with 6 newborn kittens and no mama.. I was devastated..I had NEVER cried over an animal..It was so sad! I remember sitting in the car with the 6 kittens in a box and I told hubby " We are ALL they got"
Sadly, 2 died within the next 24 hours.. I was working full time and the kids were in school and hubby was working full time too.. It was like having a newborn all over again..Only I had no maternity leave! I had to feed the kittens every 3-4 hours.. I was exhausted! And we were leaving to go on a cruise in like 3 days! I was just thankful that Mama cat had the kittens the week BEFORE we went on the cruise or we would have come home to 8 dead cats.. :(
I found a woman that could nurse them until they were 6 weeks old..She was such a sweet woman, lived in Mountain Brook.. We dropped the kittens off on a Friday evening.. We were leaving on Sunday.. I felt like I was leaving my kids.. Heck, I had been basically breast feeding them for the past 4 days.. Every few hours..I even sneaked them in a box to work one day, so I could feed them on schedule..I got in trouble for that later.. lol..
Sad news came when we got back from the cruise..Two more kittens had died..The nice lady from Mountain Brook buried them in her backyard.. She said that mama cat probably had a virus in her that contaminated the kittens that died.. I was so sad! But, 4 weeks later, we came home with a boy cat we named Cocky, after his mama.. And 2 weeks later, we came home with Cissy..To be continued...


Leigh said...

Such a sad story!

Michelle said...

Its a wonder I still have cats.. lol