Monday, June 16, 2008

My cat story Part 2

OK.. So we had 2 adorable kittens, Cocky and Cissy..They were NEVER called by their names in our house..It was always BOY cat and GIRL cat..I dont know why..We still do it! These kittens did EVERYTHING together..Up until 6 months of age, they shared the same cat bed..They wouldnt sleep anywhere else..They would chase each other around the house, of course at 3 AM, while we were all sleeping! You would hear growling and hissing and then a thump, where one of the two would bump into something.. lol.. Never a boring moment..
The boy cat immediately became huge! He weighed at 6 months, probably 18 pounds, easily! He had long fur, too.. VERY pretty cat..But he liked to go run around, even after he was fixed..The girl cat was fat too..But she had short hair..And an attitude..She would hiss at anyone who came near her..
One time, Drew came by our house while we were out of town..He couldnt get in and called Whit on his cell phone..Whit told him to go through the window in his room.. I guess this was before he learned to lock windows.. DUH.. But anyway, Drew came through window and the girl cat saw him and had him BACKED into a corner.. Drew was scared shed eat him, I guess! HAHA The boy cat was VERY friendly and sweet.. Girl cat was the Alpha-female, I guess..
When the cats were about 2, the boy cat came home from being outside and I noticed he was a little slow.. He laid on the bed and refused to drink any water or eat..I noticed he wasnt using the litter box..SOMETHING WAS WRONG!!! He was laid up on my bed and was wimpering..I picked him up to put him in the litter box and he peed all over me.. I knew this was something more than a little sickness.. The next morning, he made his way to the bathroom hallway near the boys room..He was moaning.. It was so sad..We would try to move him and hed squall like a baby! I called a vet and he told my hubby to bring him in..I later found out that after I went to work , hubby went to pick him up to take him to the vet and he had a HUGE seizure.. Poor boy cat! I got a call later that afternoon that Cocky had had another huge seizure and died after it..The vert said that possibly he had gotten into some poison in the neighborhood..Anyway, he was dead and the girl cat was all alone!
A few months passed and the girl cat TOTALLY changed her attitude! She became really sweet, would even let people pet her when they visited..She still didnt like people going into her DOMAIN, which is the master bedroom and bathroom..But she was alot nicer.. Only problem was, she wouldnt clean herself very well..She developed this weird dandruff on her back..Hubby and I determined that she must have been depressed her brother was gone..She is an animal and all, but she knew he was gone.. We decided that Christmas that she needed a new "brother". We were trying to decide on a name for this new baby boy cat..We were NOT naming him Cocky..Both cats we named Cocky died.. Bad name.. We named this little guy Max.. We also call him BOY cat.. Weird.. I know.. lol TO BE CONTINUED...


Leigh said...

I had a cat get into antifreeze. I wonder if that is what happened to your kiity. It was the saddest most horrible thing for my kitty. She was in a tremendous amount of pain for the antifreeze had basically made her organs into jelly (is what our vet said). She too lost all control of her bowels. We put her to sleep. Very sad situation.

Michelle said...

Thats what I was thinking when that happened.. The vet said his little liver gave up.. Definately a major toxin.. I told the vet - NO HEROIC MEASURES! The vet that had the mama kitty kept her alive for 2 days and she should have been put to sleep..He charged me almost $400 too.. I call him the vet that killed my cat.. lol

Leigh said...

Hmm, wondering if I know who it is (will ask you in person) b/c I have the same feeling towards a vet. They failed me by not listening to my fears of symptoms, misdiagnosed my dog and it died.