Monday, June 16, 2008

My cat story (PART 3)

So we introduced little "Max" to Cissy the girl cat..She IMMEDIATELY took to him! I was really surprised because she was so anti before her brother died.. She played with him and cleaned him..It was like she now had something in her little cat life that she had been missing! He was a little frisky for a boy cat, too! He ran around like a kitten on crack sometimes, it seemed.. He went outside and LOVED it..
I was scared to let him run around, since Cocky's death..But he was a cat and thats something they love..The girl cat doesnt care for the outside too much..She will go out but will ALWAYS come scratch on the window by my bedroom so I can let her in..But the boy cat will go out and stay out for a long time..And he will just sit by the door, or sit on one of the cars until we open the door for him.. Im trying to figure out if he is just dumb and cant figure out that if he scratches like the girl, we will let him in, or he just doesnt care.. lol
Turns out this crazy cute boy cat has quite an outside life! My neighbor 2 doors down says he visits them quite regularly.. Her daughter calls him "Princess" because he is so pretty.. haha He was almost taken by a strange woman in our neighborhood one time too..I blogged about it back in January He even spoke one time..The latest was last week my family had gotten home from a baseball game and noticed that the boy cat was sitting in the driveway..When out of the blue, about 3-4 birds started circling him and chirping wildly.. Then they would dive down and miss his head by a few feet..The cat just sat there and would play with them..He would flick his tail at them and then roll around until they noticed him.. It was quite funny.. This happened on Friday night, as well.. My neighbor, from 2 doors down told me that she saw the same thing the other day in her yard.. I guess this little guy keeps us all entertained! Silly cat!

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