Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday, my sister had this BRIGHT IDEA to go on the water slides here at the Caribe..They have 3 at the building we are staying at the pool..Maybe it was the Pina Colada I had, maybe it was my INNER child trying to come out and play..Who knows but everyone looked up and 3 "old" chicks in MOM swimsuits were running up the steps to the BIG water slide that had 2 wild and crazy turns and were squealing like little girls as we rode down the slide..My sister and I were laughing so hard and had so much fun going down the slide that we ran to the other slide and had races to see who got to the bottom faster.. I have one picture on my slide show of the three of us after we went down the slide.. Sadly, my BOOB hurt so much this morning from all the jarring and quick movements on the fast slide.. Oh well.. It was really fun.. We laughed about how funny it was that us MOM's( and Grandmoms too lol) were practically pushing kids to the side to go down the slide.. HAHA


Leigh said...

SO FUN! That is what life is about. Like Jimmy Buffet says, "Growing older but not up!!". Enjoy it. But sorry that boob was injured, dang that hurts. And especially after the abuse yours has been put through. Careful!

LOVE the slide show. Looks like you are having a blast!

You made my blog today. Read when you can.

jennifer said...

Hello! I am here from Ms. Leigh's site. She said such warm and glowing things about you I just HAD to come and visit.

The slide sounds like a hoot! Mom's just wanna have fun!

Be blessed.


Michelle said...

Leigh-It was alot of fun! Thanks so much for the mention on your blog.. The boob is better now..Just bruised.. lol

Jennifer- Thanks so much for stopping by! The slide was alot of fun, for sure!

"J" said...

I'm here from Leighs ink love on her blog!!! She is the best!

That slide thing-e sounds like such a BLAST! I would have been right there with ya!!!! =)

I will be back! =)

Michelle said...

J- Thanks for visiting my blog! I have visited youes a few times before..I always look at Leighs friends and read them..She is a sweetie!