Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questionairre.. Is this the correct spelling? LOL

Where is your cell phone? on my retail counter

Your significant other? My husband, Steve

Your hair? uugghhh It is fairly easy...I would love to have long flowing hair like Jane Seymour.. lol

Your mother? Im just like her at times, I hear.. lol She used to be a singer in the 1960's..She had a song played on American Bandstand.. Pretty cool..

Your father? I hear I am also alot like him at times.. My dad played football all his life basically..He graduated from Shades Valley High School and went to Samford on a football scholarship and his coach was the one and only BOBBY BOWDEN!

Your favorite thing? Watching reality shows with my husband..I dont know why.. We have actually had some really interesting conversations related to the shows.. lol

Your dream last night? Who knows.. I slept like a rock..I know for sure it wasnt about John Carroll High School and Mrs. Sykes, though.. lol

Your favorite drink? Personally when I am not dieting, nothing tastes better than an ice cold coca cola..

Your dream/goal? To be back working in the school system with special needs kids and Steve running the store, so he doesnt have to wake up at 3:30-4:30 anymore and not have to put 800-1000 miles a week on the car.. All he would have to do is wake up and open the store at 10 am..

The room you’re in? My store.. shhh.. dont tell the owner..Ill be in BIG TROUBLE playing on the internet.. haha Wait..NEVERMIND..I am the owner.. :D

Your ex? I wish I could say it was Brett Favre.. hehe.. Im sorry but I cannot even begin to explain that one..

Your fear? Being trapped in a car while it is being submersed into water..I watched DE JA VU this weekend and there was a scene in it where Denzel Washington was in a SUV that was underwater.. YUCK.. Im serious.. I got nauseous..I sometimes wonder if in another life I drowned..I am SO SCARED of this.. I loved the movie Titanic, until they started showing the boat submersing.. I just get the heebie jeebies when I see that..

Where do you want to be in 6 years? I would like to be debt free..Aside from my house payment.. Maybe in South Carolina.. Who knows.. I am pretty easy when it comes to things like that..

Where were you last night? At Todd's baseball game..

What you’re not? Fake or quiet.. LOl sadly, I have gotten in trouble for speaking my mind one too many times.. Hey, atleast you know where you stand with me..I would NEVER survive on Big Brother.. For sure!

Muffins? With chocolate chips? YUM

One of your wish list items? Umm. Extreme Home Makeover showing up and redoing my ENTIRE house.. hehe All the bells and whistles.. Hardwoods, granite countertops..

Where you grew up? Ironadale until I was 15 and then we moved to Forest Park..

The last thing you did? Burned a CD for a friend of mine for her sons birthday party..

What are you wearing? jeans and tshirt..

Your TV? Friggin 50 inch plasma.. Funny how you buy a huge thing like that and then money is short.. lol the kids are like "Mom, I want to go out to eat" I say " Go eat your 50 inch plasma tv, because thats where all the money is" hehe.. We actually needed a new tv because the one we had was having some MAJOR issues with convergence.. Looked like we were watching something in 3-D most the time.. My eyes are worth the extra we paid.. lol

Your pets? 2 cats..Girl cat named Sissy.. We call her Girl Cat.. Shes fat..and bitchy sometimes.. hehe She has freaked out one of Whit's friends so badly that he climbed up on a bed in the corner of the room.. Boy cat is named Max.. We call him Boy Cat.. I dont know why.. We just do..

Your computer? Compaq

Your life? BUSY!!

Your mood? Okay for now.. Im a ticking time bomb..Tick Tock Tick Tock.. hehe

Missing someone? I MISS MY FRIEND.. I know.. I already used this.. I cant help it.. When I see that, this is EXACTLY what comes to mind.. Sorry.. :D

Your car? Ford Expedition with a huge crack in the windshield that is growing as I type this!

Something you’re not wearing? ROFL!!!!

Favorite store? Why its Consignment Classics, OF COURSE!!

Your summer? Ill be at the store.. lol

Like someone? I like Steve.. haha

Your favorite color? Burgundy Red or Gamecock Garnet (South Carolina, that is!)

When is the last time you laughed? When Tyler tried to sing.. Seriously..It was HILARIOUS..

Last time you cried? After I watched a movie called "Autism: The Musical" I cried through the whole movie..My hubby thinks Im crazy..I just miss working with those kids SO MUCH!

Who will repost this? Dullbert.. haha NOT

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Leigh said...

Dang, I shoulda said you store....sorry. And I love your hair!
Hey, Bossy is playing too...