Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Mountain Idol

Ok. My mommy has told me that I needed to talk about Big Mountain Idol on my blog, even though I REALLY dont want to.. lol I dont want anyone to take ANYTHING I say out of context or misconstrue anything said..So.. This is ALL I will say about it: THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HAVE COME OUT AND CHEERED ME ON.. YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE HAS MEANT SO MUCH TO ME, MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!

I am not sure how long I will last in the contest but while I am there, I wanted to make sure EVERYONE who has supported me so far KNOWS how much they are appreciated!

::STEPPING up on Soapbox::

Even the "younger crowd" that came to my performance last week, even though they had ALREADY planned a birthday party..This mom and dad worked their son's birthday party AROUND my singing schedule..They toted a group of boys from one end of the county to the other, just to watch me! So I apologize if them leaving AFTER my perfomance ticked a few off.. But sometimes circumstances allow for certain exceptions.. This was one.. But I realize that we cant make everyone happy.. DOWNER!

Secondly, I would like to have it made a rule in this contest that if you are LARGER than a size 10, that the photographers MUST picture you ABOVE the waist..GOOD LAWD! I swear in the pictures I saw on one site I look like ANN WILSON of Heart! geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Im sorry but I cannot drop 25 pounds in a week, although it would be nice.. If I did, that would mean I was DEAD.. So anyway, if you are a photog and reading this.. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD, PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE : FROM THE WAIST UP!!! I am not the ONLY one that is feeling this, I assure you! Thank you!

::STEPPING off of Soapbox::

One more thing: EVERYONE in this contest has a different sound.. They are all good, in their own right.. Just because you may not listen to a certain kind of music that some of the artists do, doesnt mean they arent good.. IMO, EVERYONE sounded AWESOME! It takes alot of guts to get up there and perform in front of a crowd.. I applaud anyone that even tries to do it! This was in no way a slam to the judges.. they know what they are talking about.. This is a word to the fans.. The judges are well versed in music and performance.. If they didnt like a performance, I assure you that is was because the performance was lacking something.. Not because they dont like you.. Period.. We all have our own favorites, lets not slam everyone elses favs!! Once again, JMO..

Ok.. Im done.. I am speaking from experience here.. I got ripped the first week and I totally understand why.. I wasnt comfortable with my song choice and I was trying to be bold.. It didnt work.. I will stick with what I know.. Ok.. NOW Im done.. lol


Leigh said...

I am looking forward to Friday! I KNOW you are going to do a great job!

HEWY said...

1. You look fine in the photos
2. If you are worried, I'll photoshop any pictures I take.

p.s. Any plans for theme weeks on Big Mtn Idol? Like 70's or all Michael Jackson songs!

Michelle said...

Leigh- I am looking forward too.. I love singing! Thanks so much for your support.. It means so much to me!

Hewy- You are so sweet! It is a sad thing but I still view myself as a size 10 25 year old but im not anymore :( So when I see the pictures Im in SHOCK! But hey, feel free to photoshop.. hehe.. Chris from BM said that we might do some themes but they havent elaborated. To be honest, I am not sure if many of those people there could do that because of the age differences and the fact that this is a local contest..Meaning, we all work a day job and arent eat, sleep and breathing music..I could whip up a rendition of "The Way Ya Make Me Feel" in a heartbeat, but Im not so sure a young thing could.. lol

Dullbert said...

Where are these pictures you speak of ? They always say a camera adds 10 pounds well every picture I see of myself looks like it was taken with 3 cameras! As for theme weeks .. from the video I saw they certainly don't need a Gospel Week, good luck and remember the old saying "if they can't take a joke........" hmm can't remember the rest :)