Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prom '08

I cannot beleive that it is ALREADY over and done with, Prom '08! It was just 20 years ago when *I* went to my very own Class of '88 prom..All I gotta say is we didnt look nearly as sharp as these guys do! WOW! Anyway, here are just a few pictures from the prom..I am going to put more on later..The kids had an amazing time! They had a PARTY BUS escorting them all over the place..Talk about FUN! Then they came over here after it was over and the guys spent the night at our house and the next morning, the girls came over and we had brunch for the kids! It was also Whit's 18th Birthday! Happy Birthday Whit! I am NOW officially OLD :(.. My kid is an adult ( well atleast age wise- haha)..


Leigh said...

It look like they had fun. Happy Bday Whit! Bama will be 18 in 3&1/2 months. Hard to belive. I feel ya!

I saw in the pics another of my children, Andrew Hill. Another one I adore as my own....

Glad they had a good time-and the bus is a good idea.

Its not the one that broke down in front of Backyard Burgers was it?

Michelle said...

No.. They were dropped off in Pelham.. It never even made it to OUR side of the tracks.. lol