Friday, April 18, 2008

Poor Jimbo!

I know I have talked about my brother, Jimbo before..To refresh, he is 36 years old and autistic..He lives in a house with a few other autistic adults..Well, yesterday, my mom got a call from the caregiver at the house and it seems that Jimbo had developed a rash on his stomach..They were taking him to the doctor to find out what it was..Turns out Jimbo has CHICKENPOX! WOW.. He is 36, autistic , with chickenpox! Look, it is bad enough to not be autistic and have it.. But when you are in a nonverbal world, I am sure it is absolutely miserable..And to have it at 36.. HOW AWFUL!! I had chickenpox at 25 and I fully remember how awful it was.. I was in agony over wanting to scratch and pain from the fever! I am saying prayers for my brother as well as my mother and father who have to take care of him during this time..

My sister had chickenpox when I was 14, that would have made Jimbo 12..Jimbo and I didnt catch it..Even though my mom tried to get us to.. Remember in South Park when one of the kids caught it and the parents made the kids sleep in the same bed with the kid so they could get it? Thats basically what my mom did to us.. It didnt work.. I caught them when I was 25 , when my oldest got them..Sadly, a vaccine was available about a month after I got them.. I guess since my brother is an adult, no one ever thought about getting him the vaccine.. Oh well.. I pray that he doesnt go insane or drive my parents insane during all of this!!!


Leigh said...

I had them at 21, and like you was miserable! They were in my eyes and in other forsaken places that it isnt ladylike to scrath. I gave them to my one year old Bama.
I feel bad for Jimbo. I will say a little prayer for he and your parents.
See you tonight! GO Girl!

Michelle said...

My mom was so mean today.. lol she told him " Jimbo, you look rough, good thing MICHELLE isnt here or shed be making fun of you" LOL I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO Not chickenpox.. I dont mess with that.. haha