Friday, April 25, 2008

My Favorite Blogs! (Bloggy BFF)

I wanted to take a minute and list a few of my Favorite Blogs that I read on an almost daily basis..Some are informative but all are downright entertaining! I already knew a few of these people outside of the "blogging world"..I chose to start a blog because of my friend Leigh..She was one of my very first consigners at my store.. She told me that she had mentioned my store on her blog so of course we had to check it out.. It was the cutest thing! I really enjoyed reading it and I would check out other blogs on hers as well..Finally, about a month later,I decided I needed to blog..Most of Steve's family lives in South Carolina and in Tennessee, so I thought this would be a great way to keep them all updated with the goings on of the kids and all..This is why you will find past videos of the boys playing their guitars as well as prom pictures and the such! So anyway, here are my Bloggy BFF's!

1.Leigh This is one of the cutest and most informative blogs ever! Leigh and I share alot of the same interests and we have kids the same age..We are also children of the 80s and we share a love of music..I swear, one day, we are going to start a band and call it "PreMenopausal Mamas" If we wait long enough, we can call ourselves "Menopausal Mama's" hehe Leigh's inspirational messages mean alot to me as well..Her photography is really awesome too..She is a great friend and a great bloggy bff too!

2.Deedra I have known Deedra for YEARS! Our sons were on the same baseball team in Helena back 4 years ago..Her daughter is also my youngest son's age..So we have always been in contact since we met 4 years ago..I actually found her blog by reading Leighs..She was listed on Leighs so I had to read! Deedra also works out at the YMCA and I love doing Spin Class with her! Another coinkidink: My store is located in the exact spot her Alterations By George business was located, before she started doing it at home..BTW, she is an AMAZING seamstress! She was also one of my very first consigners! Great friend as well as bloggy bff!!

3.Hewy Now, this man just alludes me because he lives in my neighborhood and has been in my store and I still dont know who he is PERSONALLY.. I know he isnt Ralphie from A Christmas Story, like his picture on Facebook and his blog shows..Im sure he looks NOTHING like that..haha..His blog is so informative! It is also hilarious at times..It seems that we have a very similar attitude about things.. As well as kids close to the same age! I hope one day he will tell me who he is so I can see him out in public and yell LOUDLY : HEEEYYY HEWYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I am sure he will TOTALLY appreciate that! Awesome Bloggy BFF!

4.Abbey I have never met her in person but we have a mutual "friend" in common..Her daughter is married to a guy who's sister was a good friend of mine in high school.. Follow that? hehe Its the truth! I hope to meet her in person soon..She is a very funny lady and a very talented writer! I really enjoy reading her stories of her younger days! She is such a beautiful woman! Another Bloggy BFF!!

5. Charnita I met Charnita before I saw she had a blog..She is one of my early consigners too..She has the CUTEST kids.. She brought me some really adorable little girl clothes and gave me a shout out on her blog.. I found her blog on Leigh's list as well..I do believe most of these bloggers were found on Leigh's, just about! Charnita is another gifted writer and photographer! We share a love of BON JOVI..She is a great friend and bloggy bff too!

6.MissBossyPants I met her one day when she came into my store..I had been sick as a dog for about 5 days and I had no make up whatsoever on..She came in with a friend and when she came up to the register to check out I said " OMG! You are MissBossyPants!" haha I had read her blog numerous times at that point and found her quite hilarious! She has a very dry wit that I absolutely love..She is also very honest..I like that.. I found her blog from Leigh too.. Great bloggy bff!!

7.Dullbert This is the ONLY blogger I have found that wasnt on Leighs blog..He was actually on Hewy's..The first time I read his blog I swear I about fell in floor laughing! He is hilarious and shares my love of STUPID HUMOR!! Great bloggy bff!!


HEWY said...

Thanks Michelle! I aprreciate being BFF with you. I didn't go the last two times to BMC idol so I feel like I let you down since I wasnt able to vote. Sorry, i think you should keep on singing!

BTW-The last person (who figured out who I was) was let down. I guess they were expecting Bruce Wayne.

Anonymous said...

awwww shucks. I missed BMCI lately too and didn't get to vote. But you know, you've got lots going for you above and beyond all that anyway.

Michelle said...

Hewy and Missbossypants-Dont sweat the BMC idol thing.. For real! I think that it is asking a little much to expect the same huge group of people to be at BMC EVERY Friday.. Granted, it would be very nice..I knew I was going home because I only had like 5 people there for me that night..My parents were at home with my brother, who is 36 and had chicken pox, my sister and her kids stayed home because her back was hurting..My oldest and ALL his friends were at Pelham playing in the state playoff game..His friends that usually come that dont play were there watching it..Heck, my youngest wasnt even there..He was playing at his own game..My middle son was there but all his friends were at the Pelham baseball game as well.. Thats just the way it is.. Ya win some and ya lose some..Thanks for the compliments guys..I really appreciate them..

Leigh said...

Awww, Michelle! This is so sweet! I appreciate that. I just think so much of you and Steve. You are "good people" and I enjoy everytime that I am around ya'll!
I read the BMI report on Hewys blog. I went out of town on Friday so I missed you. I am so sorry I couldn't attend last night. I always support my peeps. Even though not there physically, I htink you know, per our conversations this past week that I am standing with and beside you. Keep singing!
And girl, I have told you a million times I am so ready to get on with the band. To borrow a quote form one of my favorite movies,
"I want to contribute to society by rockin! I want to be out there on the front lines, liberating people through rock and roll. It ain't no walk in the park!"

But girl, I am up to the task. Lets RAAAWWWWWKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! (Cue to the blasting guitar)

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Thanks! I love talking with you and love your store....And so do my kids! Keep on singing, too.
And BTW, when I saw you today you looked FABULOUS!!!!!

Dullbert said...

wow I guess I'm a little late to the party, thanks for the kind words glad you get an occasional chuckle.
Hey I've been in your store too !

Michelle said...

Leigh- I know you were there in spirit..I could feel it screaming RAWK ON SISTA! Although I didnt sing a rock song.. lol Maybe a Friday or Saturday night jam session should be in store soon?

Charnita-You are so sweet to say that! I appreciate that more than you know.. You have such a precious family!

Dullbert- Ya know, NEXT TIME you come into my store SPEAK UP.. I have to meet the person behind the hilarity!! I totally appreciate your sense of humor.. BTW, did you ever watch all of the SPACE BALLS movie? It was on Comedy Central the other day..I always LMAO when I watch it..

Leigh said...

I am glad you felt it. I thought of you all night Friday night and Saturday too. You did GREAT! You should be very proud of yourself.