Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have been feeling a little VERKLEMPT lately..

Seeing the word Verklempt reminds me of Michael Myers on SNL back in the day doing his "Linda Richman" impression for "Coffee Talk".. That makes me smile.. I have needed it lately.. You see, YESTERDAY, April 22, I realized that I have a month until my oldest son graduates from HIGH SCHOOL! It really hit home this morning while I was exercising at the YMCA..

You see, I was sitting there minding my own business, working up a sweat on the machine that resembles the "Gazelle"..A great workout, BTW! But anyway, I was minding my own business and then out of the blue, friggin Trace Adkins video "You're Gonna Miss This" comes on..I was watching it and before the first verse was over, my eyes welled up with tears! I had to turn it off and listen to Rick And Bubba..

I was sitting there thinking about how fast time flies..It seemed like yesterday Whit was a little guy! He was at the beach with me and my parents telling my sister "Hey Nana, I got JUICE BOXES"(saying it that cute little 3 year old sing song voice while he held juice boxes in his hands and dancing.. lol) .. I cannot believe graduation is so close!! I guess it will be mandatory to NOT wear eye make up at graduation! LOL


Leigh said...

oh! That song gets me everytime. It's the ugly cry too...the one with black mascara tracks running down my face.

HEWY said...

I haven't heard that song yet. I'll check it out Itunes but I'm not too far behind you with children. My oldest will be taking the walk soon.

Michelle said...

Makes me SO SAD!!! I figured you went to the Washington trip.. I didnt let Todd go.. He broke a window last night in the side room at Big Mountain Coffee.. I couldnt imagine what he would have been like if he went somewhere without me to beat his hiney.. lol

Michelle said...

LOL Leigh! You crack me up and yes, it is true! I hate it when I cry like that.. LOL