Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is SOOO AMAZING I HAD to share!!!

Let me start off by saying that my youngest son got a set of drums for Christmas this year.. A blessing and a curse at the same time LOL.. He has become pretty good at it and can play alot of the song " CRAZY TRAIN" by Ozzy Ozbourne.. If you ever listen to the song and pay attention to the drums, you will see that this is not an easy feat..

During Christmas break, we were at The Guitar Center in Hoover.. We saw this TINY little boy JAMMINGGGGGGG on th drums.. He would go from set to set and tear them up!! He was drawing a small crowd that included me, hubby, my 2 younger sons and 2 of their friends.. This kid was AMAZING!! Turns out , his name is Isaiah Fogle.. He is 10, but he looked like he was about 8.. He has been playing drums since he was 14 months old.. Watch this video.. WOW.. He has a website too.. www.isaiahfogle.com.. Enjoy!!