Sunday, January 11, 2009

Facebook is the DEVIL!

I tell ya!! Last week, my hubby decided to sign me up for Facebook so he could talk to all his college and high school friends.. lol Thats ok..Because the last year or so, we have been talking to our friends that are on Facebook, using our SONS Facebook pages..It was time to get one for us, I guess..

Anyway, we have spent COUNTLESS hours on it..Looking up people we knew from frickin GRAMMAR SCHOOL and uploading pictures and videos..When does this madness stop??? The other day, a friend of mine, a FACEBOOK NEWBIE, like myself, sent me a message on Facebook..It said " Hi, my name is Beth and I am a Facebook addict".. LOL It is about the truth!! Thats how it feels!

I guess networking on Facebook is helping me keep my resolution to be more social, in a way.. LOL Until I find another reason to justify this addiction, Ill let you know.. Hey, check out my profile on Facebook, if you ever get a chance! LOL

1 comment:

Leigh710 said...

The newness will wear off and you won't be so addicted. At least, I hope so. Otherwise, we'll have an intervention. ;)