Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resolutions So Far...

Ok.. So I just told you how I am doing in regards to my social resolution.. Now, onto my diet..I actually have been doing quite well with it..Steve started Nutri System this weekend and I have been watching what I am eating..I have walked on my treadmill a total of 138 minutes, or 6.5 miles this week..The soreness from the walking it pitiful though.. Since when do you get sore from WALKING? GEEZ Tylenol PM is now my new best friend!!

The yelling across the house is IMPROVING, but it is hard to stop.. Why get up and have to walk across the house to tell Tyler to clean his room up when my megaphone mouth can yell across the house and get him? LOL Im still working on the financial fitness.. That will take a while.. lol I guess, all in all, things are going ok..I am not a huge fan of January and February..These two months are so miserable to me.. Maybe its the post Christmas excitement let down.. Im not sure.. But I am going to combat the YUCK feeling I get this time every year by walking and trying to eat right.. Im hoping I will look up and March will be here..

Uh-Oh.. That pretty much wrecked my whole " living for the now resolution.. LOL OOOOPS!! I guess I need to sit back and enjoy the crappy, rainy, dark and cold days of January and February.. Oh for joy! LOL I think I might need a little work on that one..

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HEWY said...

Come on. We want an update to keep you on the resolutions.