Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maintenance Day 1

I have to say, this FELT like a long time coming.. I was so miserable on this diet.. I always am.. My mother says I NEVER have been able to suffer in silence.. Whats the point? haha.. So now, looking back, this diet really was SHORT.. I have been VERY pleased with the results so far.. That was my worry, because most people have said that you wont get the same results using the drops as the injections.. Back in June, I saw my doctor and told him I REALLY wished I could afford the injections again and was looking into the alternative, the drops.. He told me that research has shown that the results arent as good as the injections but that people DO lose weight.. My doctor is a wonderful doctor and he wasnt saying that to get me to pay for the injections.. Actually he was trying to discourage me.. LOL I didnt tell him about me doing this diet.. I will tell him when I visit him the next time.. Who knows, maybe he will get into this and start people on the drops..

Steve's total weight loss is close to 39 pounds in 37 days.. Thats amazing!! He LOOKS different.. He looks YOUNGER.. I had to do a double take yesterday, when he walked up to me at PUBLIX.. lol I have lost almost 23 pounds, myself.. I am down about 6 pounds from my last injection weight when I did the injections last summer.. More than likely, we will drop a few more pounds because we always do when we do the Atkin's diet.. Our opinion of the drops is the same as the injections.. They are both as effective.. Only difference is the drops are ALOT CHEAPER!!! We only spend $78 each on the drops.. Compare that to $600 each on the injections.. LOL Um.. NO COMPARISON.. haha

This morning, Steve and I woke up and got to actually eat breakfast!!! It has now been 72 hours since our last dose of HCG and so now, we get to eat Atkins's diet style!! We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and in our coffee we got to add some cream.. I just gotta say that after 37 days of a tablespoon of MILK in my coffee every am that a tablespoon full of CREAM tastes DECADENT.. It tasted like it came from freakin STARBUCKS.. haha Later today, we will be eating hamburgers without the buns and salad with REAL dressing!!! I feel like I am living in a dream!! haha

We still have to weigh daily, so we can keep up with our weight and are NOT supposed to go over 2 pounds from what we weigh right now.. If we do, we have to do a "steak day".. I am confident we will drop a few more pounds.. Its really hard to eat a ton after you have been sustaining on 500 calories the past 5 weeks.. JUST SAYIN!! =D

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