Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 35

Here I am at Day 35 and not believing it.. haha Steve and I both stopped taking the hcg drops yesterday morning but we have to still eat like we are on the diet for 72 hours after your last dose.. So I am not going to stop counting the days on the diet until Saturday.. Then I will start calling it Maintenance Day 1..

I found it VERY HARD to eat my lunch today.. I dont know why.. It took me FOREVER to eat my little chunks of cooked chicken.. And then I had to eat my strawberries and was actually worried I wouldnt because I was going to run out of time and I was already full.. I increased my portions JUST BARELY.. When I did this diet last time, it said the 72 hours you go off the drops, you still have to eat the same foods but you can add a little more like maybe another fruit and maybe eat 5 ounces of meat, instead of 4.. So thats what I did.. I increased my chicken by an ounce and instead of 10 strawberries, I ate 15.. GEEZ.. Its not much.. haha FELT LIKE IT..

Thats whats so amazing about this diet!!! 35 days ago, I wouldnt have felt that way.. It totally retrains your body and how you mentally view food.. Now, I have also done this diet before so I can tell you, with confidence, you WILL GAIN it back if you stray too far.. You have to be diligent about weighing yourself daily.. No matter HOW BADLY you ate the night before.. It helps you stop it before it gets out of hand.. If you notice weight creeping up, you take a day and eat nothing all day until you eat dinner and then you have a tomato and a HUGE steak.. I have done it before and it works.. I can tell you from experience that if I am not weighing myself every am, that means I am in denial and denial is what got me to where I was.. Its all behavioral and can be changed.. THANK GOODNESS!!

I havent lost anymore weight since Sunday.. Which kind of pisses me off.. I was hoping to finish the week with another 2-3 pound loss.. I think that part of the problem is I cleaned the cars Monday when we were off and I also did some yardwork and I have been VERY SORE and thats making me retain water in my legs.. That always messes me up.. I am hoping maybe I will have a weight loss tomorrow when I get up.. But I havent been eating anything and no weight loss?? Thats ridiculous!! Its probably my body trying to adjust to the 5 pound weight loss LAST WEEK too.. Heaven forbid I have a huge weight loss BOTH WEEKS.. haha Hopefully, Ill be able to drop 10 more pounds the next few weeks..

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