Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 30

I cant believe that!! LOL DAY 30!! WOOOHOOOO!! And as I said in the beginning of this diet, those 30 days will go by fast but while I am on it, they will SEEM slow.. They really did seem slow.. LOL I am probably going to end the diet a few days early.. I will prob take my last drops on Wednesday morning.. That way, I will have my full 72 hours post hcg drops and then I can start my Atkins-style maintenance on Saturday, when South Carolina plays Georgia.. LOL A little shallow reason maybe? LOL I just know watching college football with skinny friends is VERY HARD when all you can eat is your pitiful portions and they are eating their wings and stuff..

All I want to do is eat my salads and my meat.. LOOKING FORWARD to it!!! I had a MAJOR test yesterday at school.. Yesterday was a tailgate themed day at school.. All the staff wore jeans and their favorite team shirts ( I wore my South Carolina shirt proudly!!! :D )and then bring their favorite tailgating fare and it would be in the teacher's lounge all day.. UGH.. I didnt bring anything because I wasnt going to EAT anything.. So, when it was time for my lunch break, I walked in the teacher's lounge and I was SURROUNDED by Krispy Kreme doughnuts, TWO KINDS of brownies, spinach dips, other dips, crackers, chips, nachos, cookies, you name it!!! And I had to sit there and eat my chicken, strawberries and melba toast with that in front of me.. LOL I always eat in there because since it is my break time, I hide so I can recharge my batteries for the rest of the day.. lol Well, it was a little frustrating, but I survived.. I went on the DIYHCG.COM Facebook page on my phone and left a message about how good I was doing on the diet instead of staring at the food I couldnt have.. LOL

BTW- a little bit of bragging- I tried on a pair of jeans I bought last Christmas that were a Juniors Size 11.. I didnt have to go to ANY extraneous measures to get them on either!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

With this happiness also comes some irritation though.. I have been REALLY tired.. Like so tired, I am hurting.. Like my body is hurting.. And it could be that it is because I am at the end of this diet, and I am also working full time AND expected to keep up with the kids busy "social" schedule.. Thursday night, I had to go to Todd's middle school football game and although it was fun, it was also equally as exhausting.. Last night, we went to the high school football game and I wanted to leave about an hour into it because my body was soooo sore and tired.. I woke up to a cramp in my right side calf this morning too.. Which tells me I was on my feet waaaaay too much last night.. The concrete was too uncomfortable to sit on to watch the game, so we stood the second half.. Yeah, Im tired..

I have also noticed that on this diet, my attention span , at the end of the day especially, is GONE..And when I say its gone, I mean I am almost a zombie.. I noticed it the other day at Todd's game.. I wasnt avoiding talking to people or anything but I was so overwhelmed by all the people and the sights at the game that I could barely keep up with the game.. Same thing happened last night at the high school game too.. Only add in the soreness I was feeling and I was NOT a fun person.. lol

I am hoping once we start the Atkins part, I will not be this ridiculous.. I am a social butterfly.. Right now, I am more like a social snail.. Which isnt like me AT ALL.. I will end this mini novel today now.. LOL I will update mine and Steve's numbers tomorrow..I want the numbers to look GOOD.. haha Happy College Gameday!!


crystal said...

When do you get your break? If it's 5th or 6th period, you're welcome to hide out in my room. I do! :)

Michelle said...

AND OF COURSE.. My break time is 4th period.. LOL THATS why I hide in the teacher's lounge.. haha