Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Desperate Need of THERAPY!!

What kind of therapy?? I dont know.. ANY KIND of therapy would be nice..Psychotherapy? DEFINITELY..I have 3 sons, 2 that are teenagers and one thats now 20.. I work in special education.. That makes me certifiable alone.. lol

Physical Therapy? More than likely.. I am 40 now.. lol I have aches and pains only a forty years plus person can have.. Back pains, a weird pain in my arm that seems alot like TENNIS ELBOW but funny thing is I DONT PLAY TENNIS.. I dont even work out right now..

Radiation Therapy? A definite consideration if my freakin thyroid doesnt stop hypering and hypo-ing so much.. ugh..

Aroma therapy? YES, as long as it rids my house from the oh-so-wonderful eau de parfum smell called "Teenageboysfreshfromtheballpark" scent.. YUMMY

My life is on hold right now until May 27.. That is the last day of school.. This has been a rough year for me mentally, emotionally and physically.. I am looking forward to the summer.. And you thought only kids loved summer.. LOL