Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are YOU on The Biggest Loser? BE MY FRIEND.. lol

Ok.. I have a confession to make.. I am a stalker.. Not just ANY stalker.. I am a stalker of anyone that has ever been on the show The Biggest Loser.. LOL Seriously, I have "friended" just about anyone I can that has been on that show thats on Facebook that I recognize.. Weird? Probably.. lol

But there is some method to my madness.. I have suffered with weight issues most of my life and will continue to suffer from them til the day I die, Im sure.. This is what draws people to them and if *I* was a contestant on the show, I would probably pull alot of my strength from the posts on my wall and my inbox messages.. I am not saying that what I have to say to any of the contestants or past contestants will make their day, but what I am saying is the multitude of positive responses HELPS NO MATTER WHAT!!!

When I did the HCG diet and I would post on my Facebook Status and people would comment , Id have to say it really helped me.. And all I had to lose was about 40 pounds.. I cant imagine having to lose over 100 pounds, as most of the people on the show have to lose.. It is amazing to me to see how gracious alot of the past contestants still are and continue to be on Facebook..

I have yet to form a "Facebook Friendly Rapport" with any TBL contestants even though I think it would be REALLY cool if I had a friend.. LOL The closest Steve and I have come is he actually went to college with Phillip and Amy Parham from Greenville, SC.. They have talked a few times and remembered each other.. I left a post on Michael Vantrella's wall today and I got a " Michael Vantrella LIKES your post" message.. LOL

Im such a NERD

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