Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scared to Death to Gain Weight Back!!

Ok.. SO I have been good for so long.. I guess good things must come to an end.. I have been hungry alot lately.. I have been stressed out more.. Maybe I should add in some exercise soon to combat the stress..All I know is today I ate a small piece of carrot cake at school and then ate some ice cream tonight.. But, I didnt eat the portions I used to eat.. I just ate a small bowl of ice cream.. BUT, I still worry I will gain weight.. I have learned how to combat eating things like an occasional night at a mexican restaurant or steak place.. I usually am up a few pounds the next day and 3-4 days later, the pounds are gone.. I have to pay close attention to what I am eating though.. I have to watch my carbs.. UGH.. But, I dont want to have to do that diet again, if at all possible... But, it is nice to know its available if needed.. :D

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