Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday Taylor Revisited

All the nostalgia talk of Christmases past made me do a little research.. This is something I do , especially when I am sick..I dont know why.. But I like to research stuff.. Anyhoo, I vaguely remember the whole Tuesday Taylor thing, except for the fact I LOVED the toy that year and the fact that the set up came with a photo of a man..We all assumed it was her boyfriend.. Whats funny is I read somewhere that it wasnt..It was Bobby Vinton, a popular singer back in the day.. lol

The cool thing about Tuesday Taylor was that she had 2 kinds of hair..You twisted her scalp and she went from blonde to brunette..Kinda sick and cool at the same time..I was ALL ABOUT hair and make up and piercing my Barbie Dolls ears as a kid..My Barbies had multiple ear piercings before it was considered cool in the 80s..I used my mom's pins that she used to hem clothes with..Of course, she had no idea where they all went to..All she had to do is check my many Barbie dolls heads to find them LOL.

I have a few photos that I collected and it really jogged my memory..From what I have gathered, this doll didnt last long..It was discontinued soon after..Its also RARE and a collectors item now..I found the townhouse set on Ebay and the current bid is $62!!! For a bunch of 32 year old plastic! Im quite sure it will desintigrate into little pieces if taken out of protective plastic once its introduced to air.. lol $62!!!!!!! I sure wished my brother hadnt destroyed my version of that! That and all the Barbies and Star Wars figures we had.. lol


Leigh710 said...

Ok, from the pictures she looks like one of those half-life size dolls but then I realized she wasn't.
The hair change would freak me out!! :)

HEWY said...

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!