Thursday, November 20, 2008

Me Not Like Sicky!

Ok, I have been sick for the past 10 days.. It got REALLY bad 2 days ago..I knew it was bad when I walked into a class on Tuesday and a teacher told me " I stay home when I feel as bad as you look" LOL

My youngest was also sick..He started running a sudden fever Monday, when he came home from school..I had already been feeling rough for a week or so but that day, I could barely talk..The kids at school thought it was funny.. One of Tyler's friends heard me talk and said " Miss Michelle, havent you already been through PUBERTY?" lol

We took the mommy and son trip to the doctor Tuesday afternoon..It KILLED me to take 1/2 a day that day.. I dont like to miss work EVER..So anyway, the doc told me that it was a good thing we saw him bc we caught Todd before he became REALLY SICK!! It was weird too because he was fine and then BOOM, he was running fever.. He said his bronchial tubes looked awful..He said he was a few days away from developing pneumonia, as was I.. NO WONDER I FELT SO BAD!!!!

I hadnt felt this bad since I had something similar before Christmas in 2006..The doc put me on the same medicine he put me on back then, too..What was cool was the medicine (Cipro) made me feel pretty gross..The upside was I lost weight during Christmas! So, maybe I wont gain weight during Thanksgiving? We will have to see!

Im starting to come out of my fog now..Still really tired, but atleast my throat isnt hurting anymore and Im not coughing but every once in a while..Im hoping to get my voice back by tomorrow and go back to work!!!


Jenny G said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick! Glad to see you back in the blogging world. Are you going to the reunion Saturday night?

Leigh710 said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Keep blogging, too, though! :)